What Happened:
The Beginning 
The Event
May 3rd 
President Ikeda's View 
At Meetings 
The Human Revolution
Ode to Joy 
Home Visits 
The Conclusion




After May 3, 1979
After his resignation, President Ikeda was discouraged from attending large meetings and giving guidance. His articles would no longer be published by the Seikyo Press. And he had resigned as paid
Soka Gakkai staff. What could he do to encourage the members?

For a few days, Daisaku Ikeda spent afternoons walking in a park in Kanagawa. He chose this location because he wanted to reflect on the Daishonin's struggles there. Some Soka Gakkai members noticed him one day, and word soon spread about the appearance of the beloved leader who had so suddenly stepped down.

Members came to the park to greet him and to offer support; many of them were in tears. Over a few days, thousands of Soka Gakkai members came unbidden to reach out to Daisaku Ikeda during what must have been a chilling and confusing time. This support infused him with renewed determination to succeed, no matter what.

He began by visiting pioneer members. Over a period of five and a half years, he visited 500 members. Each visit was documented with a few words in the Seikyo Shimbun.