Q: What is the Actual Proof of the validity of the Dai-Gohonzon?
A: In actual reality, millions of Gohonzons based on the Dai-Gohonzon have been enshrined in various corners of the globe. The purpose of the Dai-Gohonzon as a ďmandala for all peopleĒ did materialize in reality, starting from the second half of the 20th century, on a wide scale covering most countries and territories of the world.  This actual proof is found not only in the widespread enshrinement of millions of Gohonzons but also in the lives of the people who chant to these Gohonzons, and who are of all backgrounds and races of mankind, exactly as Nichiren Daishonin wished. 

The availability of millions of Gohonzons based on the Dai-Gohonzon is a solid fact, which is destined to grow deeper through the sincere practice of Nichirenís followers of the most diverse Buddhist group in the world, the SGI.

This fact does not deny the validity of other Gohonzons. Currently, various Buddhist groups are striving to propagate Buddhism according to their own doctrines and interpretations, and some of these Buddhist schools employ also the Daimoku and the Gohonzon. In the same time, there are other Dai-Honzon inscribed by the Daishonin, such as the Mannen Kugo Dai-Honzon, and others. However, the Buddhist practice to these Dai-Honzons is in reality limited to the local temples of their current enshrinement, and has  not actualised in worldwide propagation, a condition that fulfills Nichirenís intent and will. 

The main point in regard to the actual proof is that millions of Gohonzon based on the Dai-Gohonzon have spread worldwide, and that chanting to these Gohonzons has dramatically produced conspicuous and inconspicuous effects in the lives of the millions of practitioners and their families, opening the way for Kosen-Rufu, and in this way fulfilling Nichirenís will. The actual proof of Nichirenís compassion, through his inscription of the Gohonzon for all humanity, is found in the incalculable personal experiences of people belonging to all backgrounds of humanity.

This work has been compiled by individual SGI members and is solely our personal opinion, based on years of practice and study.