This section contains experiences that I personally heard either at an SGI meeting or in personal conversation with the people involved. In all cases, permission was granted to share these stories or (if that was impossible to obtain) names were changed. 

I couldn't resist typing these inspiring experiences and now sharing them with other SGI members!

April's Storm Part 1 ... Nothing is impossible with daimoku!
April's Storm Part 2 ... Even difficult people can gain benefit
George's Letter ... Elderly member faces the Temple Issue 
Eva Sullivan ... Pioneer African American member
Jay's Dream ... Marching to a different drummer
Dumb Cargo ... An alcoholic abusive family becomes happy
Kay's House ... Member who began practicing without a Gohonzon
Kazoo's Song ... American dream goes sour or does it?
Laura's Sick Brother ... Overcoming severe health problems
Emerald in a Horse Stall ... Making a difference 
Mike's Friend Dave ... Daimoku in a strange place
Miko and Joe's Wedding ... A mixed marriage that works
Ted Osaki Part 1 ... Skeptic is won over
Ted Osaki Part 2 ... Member grows into leadership position
Mr. Osaki and the first Washington DC Brass Band ... He picked the least musical person to be in charge
Sandi's Sadness ... Overcoming depression
Savita's Landlady ... Shakubuku is contagious
Suzy's Complaint ... Seeing your own faults in another
My First Tozan ... Encounter with a priest at Taisekiji
WT Saves Life ... Suicide thwarted by garbageman
Daimoku Goes On ... And so does love
Learning from Mother's Back ... How children really learn
Dread Job Interview ... Getting a job through Daimoku-power
Byron, Mona, and India ... A family's joy
Tony's Wounds ... Sometimes the solution is inside you 
Cecil's Prison Depression ... A guy everyone gave up on
Ronnie's Racist Boss ... Changing someone's heart
Tina's Friend ... Something good was happening to her
Dottie's Tears ... Learning what is really important
Peace Begins With Me ... World peace begins with each of us
Island Victory ... They won for themselves and their country
Arun's Pencil ... A lesson in passive violence
Arun Goes to the Movies ... And learns about "Truth Force"
The Chemistry of Peace ... Chemical bonds and human relationships
On the Battleship with James ... The sound of gongyo can be heard in the battleship's chapel
Jay and the Great Mandala ... He wasn't just reading it, he was in it.
Tina Turner and the Battered Women ... Nam moho must work for everyone
Odetta's Honor Roll ... The atmosphere of the cafeteria line has changed
Brandon in China ... The answer is blowin' in the wind
Grandpa and Grandma Ikeda ... Remarkable grandparents
Bob in China ... Just for you
The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgenered Conference at the FNCC ... Cherry, plum, peach or apricot each of us is different in our own way. How beautiful!
From Radishes to Riches ... The ability to care about others is my greatest wealth
Caring is the Wisdom of the Universe ... I woke up at 2 AM and I knew exactly what to do 
Angela, God and the Gohonzon ... Life is good
"Professor, I Have To Go!" ... Compassion in the classroom 
Scary Buddhism ... Sometimes being happy is frightening 
Manny and the Mysterious Law ... A benefit while traveling 
All That and a Bag of Chips ... Using Buddhist skills to achieve your goals
Ethyl's Response to 9-11 ... Acting as a bodhisattva in the midst of terror 
Hallmark of a Bodhisattva ... Never stop listening and never say no 
How a Fundamentalist Became a Buddhist ... He took the teachings literally 
My Breakthrough Practice ... Breaking through that fundamental darkness 
I Write the Songs ... Getting the courage to write them down 
Finding Out My True Identity ... And changing her karma too! 
Congratulations!... James finds his real benefit