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All correspondents have given their permission to share these stories. These wonderful experiences are from SGI members around the world.  

Crossing the Sea of Suffering ... Recovering from a friend's suicide 
Overcoming Depression ... South African story 
My American Hero ... Incredible young man touches the lives of others  
"Damned to Hell" ... Growing up Buddhist in America  
A Family's Fortune ... Encountering Buddhism in India  
Power of Daimoku ... An American in Japan learns about the power of Buddhism  
Mona's Uncle ... Has some unexpected friendships  
Mom's Gift ... Learning that nothing is impossible 
The Warmth of Members' Homes ... A child remembers  
Armando's Love Song ... An irresistible force  
Route From Hell ... An unexpected career change  
Cleaning Karma ... None of our efforts are wasted  
Ikeda-kun's Classmate ... Your Ikeda cannot be the man you think he is  
My Struggle with Cancer ... Where was the protection of the Buddhist Gods?  
Finding Faith Again ... For ten years, the Gohonzon lay in a sock drawer  
Andrea's New Whirlwind ... New member experience  
New Beginnings ... Every new beginning comes from another beginning's end  
Getting in Touch With My Real Self ... Finding oneself in an avalanche  
Changing My Karma with Men ... Making medicine from poison  
Another View of Ikeda ... Ikeda is not who you think he is  
The Greatest Birthday Gift of All ... The law of the universe works in strange ways  
Seeing a Great Change in Myself ... Every man has the right to become happy  
It's Mystic!!!! ... Getting this job with those grades?  
Sound of the Universe ... Even in deep space there is a rhythm  
I am Invincible ... I have the Gohonzon in my life  
The Lotus Sutra's Sword ... I am ready to fight my weaknesses  
The Power of Daimoku ... Not strategy. Only Daimoku does it  
Teaching Buddhism to the Children of the Desert ... Starting out in a new country  
My Search for the Lotus Sutra ... I was hungry for the Lotus Sutra for so long  
The Power of the Mystic Law ... A profound feeling of JOY welled up from inside and washed over me  
Actual Proof ... She said that she wasn't seeing any benefits from her daily daimoku  
Chanting Works ... "Don't ask me why — just chant Nam Myoho-renge-kyo".  
My Wonderful Husband ... Something inside me shouted "He's the one!"  
And the Walls Came Tumbling Down ... The walls of suffering and violence can come tumbling down 
Building a Kosen Rufu Library in Singapore ... Delightful discoveries can be found  
The One-Eyed Turtle's Gratitude ... A ceremony in the air in my neighbourhood!  
Loving Millions of People ... The effect is awesome  
Friends Are Forever ... He said "I could talk with you about anything."  
Treasured Memories ... I will treasure these memories for life  
Larry Coryell Meets the Magic Mantra ... A story from the legendary guitar hero  
Triumphing Over Death with Daimoku ... I was diagnosed with Kaposi's sarcoma  
Transforming the Depths of My Life ... Overcoming the trauma of being molested  
100% Faith ... Daimoku speeded up my recovery and prevented depression  
Broken Car, Restored Hope ... Thanks to his car, he finally found what he wanted  
The Lost Bag and the Revolution ... Fortunately, I only lost my bag  
Krishna and Arjuna at Mahabharat ... Your foremost kartavya (duty) is to fight adharma (evil)  
Benefit City ... Life is good, and I'm still peddling as fast as I can!  
Learning to Trust Myself ... I rededicated my life to Nam Myoho-renge-kyo and ME  
My Experience at the FNCC GLBT Conference ... Thinking like Buddhas having human experiences 
Treasuring Borrowed Time ... My sickness brought me to another phase of life  
My May 3rd ... Any effort I make counts  
Zange II (Buddhist Apology) ... Realizing that I too am a Buddha 
An Opportunity for Creating Peace ... Taking action for peaceful dialogue  
A Good Time Crying at Your House ... Finding joy through sadness  
World Trade Center Experience ... Waking up to a world of destruction  
My Life Transformation in Jail ... That voice told me to CHANT!  
My First Four Weeks with the SGI-India ... Actual proof you can really see 
Best Friends ... Building friendship in the Future Division 
Mantra-Powered Visualization ... Using prayer as a vow  
My Dreams Are Coming True in Hong Kong ... After a rocky start  
Father-Daughter Bond Achieves the Impossible ... Saving her parent's life  
Finding a Full Practice in Malaysia ... A young man's struggles  
Danny and the Visa Problem ... The real power of the Gohonzon  
Difficulties: Poison to the Weak, but Elixir to the Strong ... Living a life of fulfillment 
Encouragement Through Example: Theresa Coleman ... Inspiration comes from an unusual source  
Hearing with My Eyes ... Learning new ways of winning 
Never Too Old to Show Actual Proof ... Learning from Grandma  
Tribute to Sandy Scott ... She was enlightenment personified  
Eternally Grateful to My Parents ... Daimoku changes attitudes  
The Fish Hunters ... A amazing journey results in a work of art  
A Ship to Cross a Sea of Suffering ... Enriching his life  
Experience O'Mine ... Breaking through anger to accomplish something great  
Parents Grieve the Loss of a Baby ... The hardest thing a parent ever faced  
My First Year of Practice ... Changing my life in India  
The Fear Ball ... Making fear my greatest strength  
The Rebirth... Discovering your own true self and valuing it  
An Indian Experience ... The most amazing struggle for a new believer  
Finding a Great Job ... The first step was losing a job  
Living in Entirety ... Developing happiness in my life 
Complaints Evaporated Like Dew in the Morning Sun ... The title says it all  
A Musician's Journey ... Confidence and conviction are my greatest benefits 
Embracing the Mission of Autism ... She finds a smarter way to fight  
Courage Results in Joy ... Taking action for herself and her family  
Building a Kosen-Rufu Family ... Developing family unity through the practice  
Never Give Up ... I was ready to throw in the towel  
A Great Vow ... Discovering your mission the hard way  
I Am a Buddha ... A woman of unlimited self-esteem ...  
Java ... Encouraging just one person  
Singapore Wedding ... Bad fortune at a bad time  
The United Prayer Chart ... Chanting for others is good!  
Family Revolution ... Practicing makes all the difference  
Comfortable in My Own Skin ... Changing the direction of my life  
From Auto-Rickshaw Cycle to Mercedes ... The title says it all  
Forging a Diamond-Like Self ... Winning in college — and life!  
The Physical Toll of Anger ... You can really hurt yourself  
I Just Want to be Happy ... and she was!  
The Daishonin Keeps His Promise ... Birth of a fortune baby 
Happiness in Singapore ... Great effort brings great rewards  
Determination ... Without it, you have nothing  
The Freedom to Succeed ... Now she has it!  
Igniting my Buddha Nature ... A year to remember — traveling from Hell to Joy 
Changing My Family Karma ... Through chanting abundant daimoku 
Kotekitai Sikiru ... Golden memories, priceless training  
Contribution and “Fighting Daimoku” ...  The spirit to give can make all the difference 
From Blind Anger to the Eyes of the Heart ... A journey to family unity 
My Dream Job ... It seemed impossible to achieve