Seeing a Great Change in Myself 

By Dinesh

I have practiced Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism since May 1994. I joined this supreme life philosophy after my father suffered a severe paralytic attack. This affected his speech and movement of the right side of his body. Furthermore, his morale was very low. A colleague of my father told me about this practice and he asked me to chant Nam myoho-renge-kyo. During this tense period of my life I entered the world of faith.

Amidst this family karma, I had a bad relationship with my boss. Every evening we had heated arguments over small problems. My boss headed the North Indian division of our Madras-based company and I was second to him. I was on the verge of quitting the job. During these times, the Gosho, Sensei's guidance, and encouragement from leaders kept me moving courageously.

I was encouraged to increase my chanting, do home visits, and to pray for the happiness of the members. Since I was new to this practice, it was not easy for me to do all this, but I struggled to do so.

One evening, I wrote my resignation, addressed it to the company president, and left my job. That evening, I sincerely chanted daimoku. After two days, the president of the company came up from Madras, and called me from my home. After talking to other staff members and examining financial records, the president found that my boss was cheating the company. He was fired from the job and I was given the responsibility of Regional Manager. This was my first direct proof of chanting daimoku.

My sincere daimoku and struggle for Kosen rufu has effected a total change in my environment. My father, who used to be lifeless and depressed, became very cheerful, and he started to enjoy TV, which he had never liked in his life. He walks independently, is always up to date on today's politics and other happenings, and he watches cricket matches with great enthusiasm. He fully supports my practice.

I wonder how come Gohonzon has changed my father’s attitude. When he was well, he never enjoyed these things.

I was inducted as a sokahan in '96, and then later I was appointed group chief. Initially, it was very difficult to do justice to my responsibilities, but I realized that Sensei had given me this opportunity to do my human revolution. My sokahan training and working for kosen rufu, combined with my business pressures, changed me to a better human being. 

My business has never been smooth. Usually I had little or no money, few orders or no orders. My normal way of life was to exist with just 10-15 rupees in my pocket and my scooter's petrol tank on reserve.

There were times when I thought of quitting my business and going for a job abroad. But my leaders’ constant guidance that “You carry your karma along with you” kept me struggling with my business. Gohonzon gave me enough opportunity to do my human revolution.

Once during my sokahan duty, I was talking to a leader. When he learned of my desperate monetary situation, he remarked “Don't worry, Dinesh — you'll have good money soon. Do you duty sincerely. These bad situations will become your golden memories throughout your life.” His sincere encouragement gave me a breath of life.

I realized that now is the opportunity for me to do my human revolution and show actual proof. I had nothing to lose — only the money I had invested in my computer business.

During all these time, I read all the volumes of the Gosho. Deepening of my study of the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin made a remarkable difference in my personality. My attitude toward life's painful situations has completely changed. 

Toda Sensei once said “Money is like air, available in plenty in the environment. Those who lack money are like asthma patients who suffer because of lack of air.” I still remember these words. My usual attitude of cursing my bad luck has changed to self-reflection. 

This practice of Nichiren Daishonin has such a glorious history, such glorious mentors — has made a 100% change in me as a human being. Chanting daimoku gave me wisdom and study gave me a clear view of my situation. Disturbing events from the past, which haunted me like a nightmare, are no longer even worth thinking about. As Nichiren Daishonin says “they are like dust in the winds.”

Today I am happy to report that my father's condition has totally improved, and I am running a successful computer business. When I compare my situation from 2 years ago (not to mention 5 years ago!), I see 200% change. The latest computers and other costly computer items, which I had only dreamed about working on — today I've them in stock as spares.

If any leader had given me guidance "Don’t worry; just please chant, and after two years you'll have all these items," I would not have believed them. But this is exactly what happened to me. As Nichiren said “Not even the Buddhas can fathom the power of Daimoku.” I would also like to report that I am happily married for the last one and a half years. My wife is also practicing and is a strong member with lots of victories in her short period of practice. She got a job in DPS one year ago and she credits the Gohonzon for her benefit. 

I feel deep gratitude towards all our three presidents, whose encouragement kept me growing and fighting. I also thank my seniors and members who go all the way to encourage fellow members despite their demanding schedules.

Today I determine with deep gratitude that I'll deepen my study of Buddhism further. My struggle to fight evil is to raise capable youths with lion-like spirits. Also I'll share this great philosophy with as many people as I can. After all, Toda Sensei once remarked “Every man has the right to become happy.”

Thank you.