Krishna and Arjuna at Hahabhrat

By Deepak

When I joined some three years ago, chanting against Nikken seemed strange, because in Indian society and Hinduism itself, there are so many streams and thoughts existing side by side that Indian people are very tolerant, by and large. In fact, Shakyamuni is considered to be a Hindu independent thinker, who after being profoundly affected by the inherent suffering in life sought ways of living a happy life. So I was really confused on how to chant for Nikken's destruction.

Then, while chanting one day, I remembered the story of Mahabharat (a story of a battle between two branches of a family Kauravas and Pandavas). The Kauravas (100 in number) cheated Pandavas (five in number) of their kingdom. The climax came with the battle of Mahabharat. In this battle Krishna (God himself) fought on the side of Pandavas. When asked whose side are you fighting for, Krishna replied, "I am on the side of the Dharma."

He had no qualms about taking up arms fighting with all his might, using strategy, politics, everything at his disposal, to defeat the Kauravas, because they embodied adharma (evil) in their views and actions.

Krishna was very clear. In fact, before the battle started, the two armies faced each other. Lord Krishna was Arjun's chariot driver. Arjuna lost his nerve and cried to Krishna, "All who I am facing are my brothers, uncles, teachers ... my own people who I love and respect".

Krishna replied "They are who you say they are, but they are on the side of adharma, irrespective of what their reasons were. And your foremost 'kartavya' (duty) is to fight adharma. And in any case, they are your relatives only in this life."

So to me, Nikken is definitely adharma. Nichiren Daishonin made it his prime duty to refute evil and false beliefs and today Sensei fights Nikken single-mindedly and uses all his resources dialogue being the foremost I think it is my duty to also refute the evil of Nikken. Because, basically, his actions hurt rather than help people they do not take people closer to the Gohonzon. Nikken's practice is only to serve his own ends. In this world everyone is doing that.

Who is there who takes any pain for others?  It is only Sensei and the SGI who I see as an beacon of compassion and strength in our times. I am sure there must be others, but definitely not Nikken. Lots of people start with the right intentions, but get influenced on the way by easy circumstances, wealth, or power. 

Sensei fights just like Krishna and the Daishonin, and he teaches us just like Krishna taught Arjuna. The most important reason why he fights Nikken because Nikken uses the same Gohonzon to cheat and mislead people. His deeds by themselves may not seem great and he may appear as any other misled person who needs to be corrected compassionately, however, the consequences of his deeds are far reaching.

I can save a person bent upon committing suicide by asking him or her to chant. Conversely I can destroy a person by destroying his or her faith. That is why kosen rufu is a huge responsibility. Despite my shortcomings and
weaknesses I am trying to commit myself to Kosen-rufu that is why my benefits and protection are great. I am trying to accomplish Kosen-rufu in the Latter Day of the Law!

More difficult than throwing Mt. Sumeru.