Family Revolution

Hello, my name is Shalini, and it has been 9 months since I took to this practice. At the time when I took to this faith, my life was in utter disarray. I had no clue, whatsoever, where my life was heading. I wasn't sure at that point, if I wanted to take up a job because at the back of my mind I always wanted to own my own business.

Immense dissatisfaction amongst family members and disharmony in my family only worsened the situation. I was on the verge of leaving home to escape the tumultuous upheavals in my environment. I needed an anchor, I needed peace, I needed a guiding force.

Attending gosho meetings, studying the gosho, and of course chanting gave a new meaning to my life. I realized that this practice is your life; a life which somewhere along the line I had stopped feeling reverence for. I held onto my faith like holding onto a twig in choppy waters. I plunged myself into hours of chanting. I never missed a single day of gongyo, made it a point to attend meetings religiously, and to take part in activities.

I gradually started to realize my mission, a mission to bring about immense happiness and harmony to my family members. The constant arguments at home reached the point where my father left home — only to make me wonder why and what was happening? I sensed stagnation in all areas of my life, including my finances which were ebbing by the day.

Reading Sensei's guidance, my own assiduous practice, and with fresh resolve each day, I single-mindedly chanted for harmony at home, for my home to become a Buddhaland. Gradually, I sensed the subtle change taking place within me and in my environment. I chanted for clarity, and to be able to make the right decision, and to stabilize my finances. And on that particular day, I stumbled upon a very lucrative business opportunity. I knew instantly that this was a gift from the Gohonzon. Not only did this business opportunity serve to strengthen my faith, but it also helped me unveil my true potential.

I was all the more encouraged that I could show more actual proof to my family. I knew I had a mission at home — that all my family members must embrace the Gohonzon, and realize Sensei's dream of a happy, harmonious, kosen-rufu family. I single-mindedly chanted for the happiness of my family members. And yes, no prayer goes unanswered.

My father came back home, a completely changed person. My family also noticed how changed a person I had become. I sensed the human revolution taking place within me, and they noticed it too. They noticed how I altered my anger completely.

Awakening to our true potential, a life filled with limitless energy and hope, the battle to break the shackles of karma, faith in ourselves and in the Mystic Law: all hardships turn into nourishment for growth.

Today, all three members of my family have taken to this practice and the happiest day of my life was when I heard my father say the words “NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO.”

He received his big breakthrough just three days into the practice. His elder brother, with whom he hasn’t had any communication in the last 20 years, called him — and they had a heart-to-heart conversation. That day, my father told me that this practice is very powerful. That day, I realized the profundity of Sensei's guidance — “Whether or not you can receive benefit, whether or not you can enrich your life force, and whether or not you can overcome your destiny, all depends on one’s faith, and a very strong ichinen.”

Thank you Gohonzon, thank you for all the support of all the lovely members, I have been able to report victory: A happy and harmonious family, my home a Buddhaland, all three family members taking to this practice, and a financial benefit in the form of a business venture.

I determine to wholeheartedly dedicate myself to the law, propagate the law and continue to show actual proof, encourage everyone to do the same, and be Sensei's true princess of happiness.