Best Friends 

By Idonarose . . .  Experience by a 12-year-old 

My friend Ashlee and I are best buddies. It was a really sad day for us when her Mom decided they would leave Santa Barbara and go to live in Utah. 

We met in Elementary School and were both in Junior High when she left. 

We kept in contact by email and phone. Her Dad lives in L. A., so she came back for Summer.  Mom said Ashlee was welcome to spend a week with us. 

We were so excited to see each other and giggled a lot over the phone, planning all the things we were going to do when she got here. 

Ashlee arrived on Tuesday afternoon and we all went to the cabin up in the mountains. The weather was great and in the evening we went for a swim in the pond. We stayed the night.  When we were sleeping, Ashlee seemed restless.  

As it was Wednesday, Mom woke us up at 5:00 am to come down the mountains for Future Division morning gongyo.  After gongyo Ashlee and I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until later. Ashlee complained of an earache and when she spoke to her Dad, they decided that he would come to Santa Barbara that night, to pick her up and take her home! 

You see, apparently Ashlee had an earache since arriving to her Dads a week earlier. Her Father took Ashlee to the Doctor and the Doctor said he couldn’t see anything wrong. The Doctor said to give her some aspirin and bring her back if it gets worse. 

I was devastated when Ashlee put down the phone because I realized our time together was going to be cut short. Mom gave Ashlee some ear drops and pain killers. I was upset and Mom said to me “all you can do now is go and use the Gohonzon, her Daddy is concerned and that’s understandable.” 

I went and started chanting. Then I realized, I needed to get Ashlee to chant and do A & C with me. I was nervous that if I asked her that she would say “no” because of her own family beliefs.  

I asked her anyway. I said “Ashlee, would you do something for me?”  

Ashlee said “Sure, what?” I explained to her and she agreed! 

We sat and chanted and did A & C. Afterwards we both felt better. Then we realized that her Dad was coming to pick her up. Ashlee told Mom and I that she didn’t want to go now and that she felt much better. Mom said, “if you really want to stay then call your Father back and quickly, as he may have already left.”  Los Angeles is 100 miles from Santa Barbara!  

Well, he was just leaving and he stopped to get the phone. Ashlee spoke to him. Then Mom spoke to Ashlee’s Dad and he said “OK, you can stay tonight. Call me tomorrow.” 

The next day, we had a great reunion with school friends and a bunch of us went along State Street for lunch and shopping. When we got home, Ashlee was much better. Her Dad still wasn’t sure. 

I decided to do the “Future Division Meeting” on Saturday so that I could introduce Ashlee to our Community Center and show her about our World Peace movement.  I thought we would gain more fortune and beat this sickness. Ashlee agreed to read a poem at the meeting from the “Seize the Day” pull-out from the World Tribune June 16, 2000. 

Her earache was getting better. By Friday evening her Dad said she could stay as planned. 

We were so happy — and had a great vacation together. I think Ashlee’s earache happened so that she could learn more about my Buddhist practice and how chanting changes things so we are able to accomplish our goals. Now, Ashlee chants too!  

Thank you very much for allowing me to share my benefit with you today. 


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