My May 3rd

By Rebecca

At our May 3rd Commemorative Meeting, I was privileged to read President Ikeda's address. It brought me to tears twice.

The first time was when he talked about how we must take action in our own environment for Kosen Rufu. I had just been to my boyfriend's parent's house that morning and it really disturbed me to hear them refer to blacks and Japanese people in a derogatory way. I knew in my heart that somehow, one day, by getting to know me and my friends (they always ask questions about my practice), that I can change their hearts. They already love me and for that I am grateful. It is through an earnest and sincere life to life exchange that I can bring them from WWII into the 21st Century, something some small Midwest farming communities seem to fight tooth and nail.

They know I have good friends from all walks of life and they are very curious about that. It is enough for me for now, that they ask questions and that my love and concern for them and their son keeps them wondering what kind of creature I really am. (I am pretty sure they think I am an alien from another planet!)

The second thing that made me cry was how much President Ikeda trusts us all!

I have never felt I quite live up to my OWN expectations, let alone my leaders or his, however, after the letter was finished, I knew that any effort I have made and will continue to make COUNTS! I love SGI and will always support my mentor.

After the meeting, we all were served a delicious meal by our WD hostess Naomi and her husband. During dinner, we all commented how one of the very best things about SGI is that we can make it up as we go along, in many ways! For instance, the new children's group in Chicago that meet every two weeks! A challenge for all who had to drive two hours to get there!  But they did it. Our reward?  We had 7 LITTLE children trying their best to do gongyo at the meeting! From about 5 to 12 years old! One of the young fellows even wrote his own experience and is hoping it will be in a World Tribune in the near future! Never a dull moment in this group! We can and will grow for the next 7 bells!

Thanks for letting me ramble!