Loving Millions of People

By Jonathan Fisher

My name is Jonathan Fisher. I have practiced this Buddhism for 27 years, mostly in the San Francisco/San Jose/Silicon Valley Areas.

I am now living in Virginia and practice with both the Richmond and Southeastern Virginia Territories. I have overcome cancer, drug and alcohol addiction, dire poverty, and more karma than I can ever disclose in this experience.

This is the latest: My mother, during a routine medical exam had a suspicious aspect in her blood test. Initially, it was thought to be chronic leukemia. When I heard this preliminary diagnosis, I immediately asked members on both coasts to chant for her recovery and was confident that they would. I did a diamoku campaign and prayed that I could channel the diamoku to her and requested that the shoten zenjin enter her life and protect her.

Well, the definitive diagnosis is an extremely rare type of lymphoma that is slow growing and should be seen as non-life threatening. Now for the kicker one of the diagnosis exams revealed a suspicious shadow. A curious doctor decided to investigate and discovered a major blood clot that was much more life threatening than the lymphoma. She was treated for it and is now at less risk than before the cancer diagnosis. Talk about changing poison to medicine!

I want to thank the SGI members who chanted for my mother's recovery and for saving her life. Where else in the world can stuff like this happen so routinely? Only here in SGI.

The most amazing thing is we all have the power and support to affect change like this in all aspects of our lives.

Where else in the world, can I honestly say I love you all? All the millions of you and sincerely mean it? The effect of loving millions of people is awesome.

Thank you, SGI.

Jonathan Fisher