From Auto-Rickshaw Cycle to Mercedes 

Hi friends, 

My name is Dimple. I’ve been practising this wonderful philosophy since 1998. Since then, my life is moving in the right direction.

I have had so many wonderful experiences in every area of my life. When I first joined the practice, my financial condition was very bad and my father’s business had totally flopped. My brother had no goals in life and my mother was suffering from cervical disease. There was lots of disharmony at home because of the financial problems, but I always remembered Sensei’s words: “Great misfortune is followed by great good fortune.” At the beginning, I simply dedicated myself to the Mystic Law. 

Sometimes I didn’t have money, so I used to walk to meetings. I started chanting five to six hours a day, but my financial condition didn’t improve. Then I realized that my mother’s health was absolutely all right.

There was lots of tension at my home and my parents used to fight like cat and dog. Because of the disharmony in my family, there was just darkness in my life. I developed suicidal tendencies at that time. But I chanted so much that Nam Myoho Renge Kyo became my best friend. The Gosho and Sensei’s guidance was my strength.

As a human being I would still get low in spirit, but I always remembered this line from the Gosho: “Believe in this mandala with your whole heart — then what is there that cannot be achieved? 

I used to attend meetings with a heavy heart, thinking that this prayer is working for everyone except me. It seemed I could never get happiness in my life, but I never stopped my chanting. Once I received guidance that when the right time comes I will get the result of every effort — not a single daimoku is wasted.

I just kept on struggling in faith, taking responsibility for my life and my karma. Whenever fighting and arguing would happen, I would just chant for the happiness of my family members. And things started changing in my family.

I started doing one or two home visits daily, using my auto-rickshaw cycle for the sake of the Law. It still seemed that I never made headway in my life, but I never lost my faith. I endeavored to follow Sensei and, in particular, this guidance: “Because I embrace the great eternal Law of the Universe, I am certain to win and to have a wonderful, enjoyable life. No matter what happens, I will never have to worry, I will never be defeated. That’s what faith is all about.”

Sometimes I was shaken with my problems, but nothing could disturb my faith in the Gohonzon, until one unfortunate day. On September 12, 2004, my father suffered a severe heart attack. From that moment, I just dedicated myself wholeheartedly to the law once again, and made a fresh start. I received guidance “to stand up with Sensei.” 

So, until the time my father was perfectly all right, I was doing home visits like mad. I forgot my own problems and I was just chanting for others. After one month my father was in good health. I knew that it was because of my faith in the Daishonin’s words “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?” 

Although I may have overcome my father’s illness, I was not very happy with my life. Since the day of my father’s heart attack I had worked tirelessly for the law. Everyday, after my 10 to 6 job, and after three hours of traveling in buses, I did home visits to encourage the members. My target date was March 16 and my goal was for the right person to appear to be in my life. I wanted it to be someone who would also stand up for the sake of the law.

My dearest mentor, a treasured senior member, had given the guidance that “If you want to stand up with Sensei, you have to become a winner in your life. Sensei loves those who show actual proof.” From that day I started chanting to be in rhythm with Sensei, and I once again devoted myself for the Law to achieve great things. After only two days of chanting like this, very mystically, I met the man who would become my husband. He is a perfect match  for me, and the greatest gift of the Gohonzon, a real kosen-rufu partner. 

Now I can say “Sensei, I’m a winner.” Of course, problems didn’t stop coming in our way in my marriage. My father’s financial condition was not good, but I kept on chanting and believing in the words “I am a Buddha. I can never be defeated.”

Very mystically and because of all my efforts to protect the Law throughout these six years (even through the worst times), I got married like a princess. I am very happy at last! All the poison has changed to medicine because of the Gohonzon. Now I am determined to go to Japan very soon. I want to meet with Sensei and tell him not to worry — I am here.