Singapore Wedding 

Hi, Id like to share some of my experiences that show the power of the Gohonzon. My worst crisis came after I practiced for ten years I lost most of my money in the stock market. It was 1997 and I had no money to pay rent. I was in debt and my wife was coming from Indonesia to marry me. 

After I chanted hard and made some offerings, some of my friends gave me a few thousand dollars toward the wedding. Also, a broker found a flat for me that involved very little down payment, so I was able to buy a three room flat for the wedding. 

I had intended to use some of the money given to me for the honeymoon in Thailand, but at the last minute the trip was cancelled because of overbooking, and the money was refunded to me. My wife later said she didn't want to go on a honeymoon, so I used the money for investments. At just the right moment, the market turned around and the money multiplied a lot of times. I was able to pay my debts, buy furniture, and cover the expenses for the wedding. 

Its amazing how I was able to overcome my crisis. I realize that with the Gohonzon, there is no deadlock.


Henry Leong