These experiences originally appeared in SGI publications. We were struck by them and have reproduced them here in a shortened, more concise form. We hope you like them! 

The Healing of a Child's Daimoku ... Holocaust survivor's family experience
Compassionate Fists ... Woman kick-boxing champ
Street Wise ... A change in one person affects the environment
War Hero — Chinue Sugihara ... One person's bold stand during WWII
Arzu in Pieces ... One woman finds her medium of expression 
A Mouse Story ... A young girl's act of compassion
The Perfect Marriage ... A journey from Hell to Heaven
Bridging People's Hearts with Trust ... Learning to trust others and yourself
Daimoku of Faith/Daimoku of Practice ... There is a difference
Choosing to Honor and Love Myself ... The Law is inside
The Stuff Enlightenment Is Made of ... Knowing who you are
A Crucial Moment ... Every daimoku had the full power of my life in it
Winning Over Hopelessness ... I felt doomed and a major religion agreed with me
Savoring the Present Moment ... A determination to overcome cancer
Strong in Haiti ... Where a simple invitation to a Buddhist meeting would lead
The First Woman in Space ... Fasten your seat belt — this story soars
Pursuing My Dreams ... Chanting Nam Myoho-renge-kyo and taking bold action
The Bicycle Lot Grandma ... Transforming financial fortune
The Power of Faith, The Power of Dreams ... A great wish and an inspired dream
Win-Win Buddhism ... Buddhism is not a "be-thankful-for-what-you-got" religion
Forever Grateful ... As I chanted, a subtle change occurred 
True Friendship ... Looks beyond a selfish perspective 
Prioritizing Children's Rights ... My son, Travis, was born with Down's syndrome
For the Sake of My Daughter ... The doctors had no hope that she would live
Clearing the Dark Clouds of Depression ... I wake up every day happy to be me 
Success on the Stage of Life ... I will forever sing for world peace
Changing My Future from Within ... Chanting is not just an intellectual exercise
Free from Depression and Suicide ... Cause the great flower of our lives to blossom
Building a Buddhaland at Work ... By bringing the Buddha to work
Stronger and Stronger ... My heart attacks stopped completely
Living My "Right Life" ... My decision to stop chanting was purely practical 
The Mannen Hancho ... One of SGI's treasures 
Your Fate is Your Mission ... Devastating disability turns into joyous mission 
WTC Rescue Worker's Experience ... Compassion, not anger
Winning through Faith and Perseverance ... After years of suffering, hope! 
My Experience With Hodgkin’s Disease ... A nirvana of eternal light 
Spreading Hope and Joy in Cuba ... A woman helps her sister and affects the destiny of Cuba
Opening My Eyes in the Amazon ... Growing in faith in the Amazon 
My Invincible Summer ... Overcoming manic depression through Buddhism 
Mental Illness Leads to Spiritual Journey ... Establishing a hardy, stress-resistant personality
Chanter Rocks Around the World Experience ... Expressing joy in rock 'n' roll
Bringing Light to Darkness ... Deafness is no obstacle to the practice of Buddhism 
Dawn’s Early Light ... A Japanese war bride in America 
Transforming Hell for Future Generations ... Changing her family's destiny 
Singing for the Sake of Human Harmony ... Finding her mission in music