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Many people have practiced Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism with SGI and then, for myriad reasons, thought about trying a different sect. Or maybe they went so far as to practice somewhere else. This section has the stories of people who have made the journey back to SGI. 

Experiences with Nichiren Shoshu:

   Angela... She and her husband finally find faith again.

   Valarie Finds Her Way ... Back on the right track.

   A Returning Temple Member ... Feeling great pride.

   Noriko... Finds warm-hearted people

   Ralph Makes Up His Mind ... He wanted to yell "Run!"

   Wesley Almost Got Lost ... But Ms. Tina saves him!

   A YWD's Temple Experience ... Was it "tranquility" or lack of spirit? 

   My Internet Experience with "Nichiren" Sects ... Real life is what counts.    
   The List ... Chanting for a name on a list really works 

Experience with Kempon Hokke:

   Matthew... So glad to be back with SGI!

Experience with Nichiren Shu:

   Joy... A new found joy inside.

Benefits from Soka Spirit

  Lilly's Life ... Benefits in many aspects of her life.