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Malaysia Experience

Low Suan Fong

Last Sunday, Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) organized its 10th Peace Lecture at the SGM Bunka Kaikan. The speaker was Prof. Firdaus Hj. Abdullah, the Deputy Vice Chancellor of UM who spoke on "Positive attitude and harmonious living." The topic was interesting and struck a chord in the hearts of the audience.

But for that day, it seemed that no one better understood what it means to have a positive attitude than Low Suan Fhong, our SGM Vice-Youth Division Chief. He related his impression on how significant this day was to him. I felt moved and encouraged. Also I felt happy for him. I would like to share his impression with you.

Low has been married for about 13 years now. His wife is not a member. In fact, she is a staunch Christian who was very active in her church (she was an equivalent to our HQ leaders). Low faced objection and disapproval from his wife for attending SGI activities. Being a leader in the Gakkai, he knew that he could not back away from responsibilities. He had to continue no matter what. It was difficult. He nevertheless made constant effort to explain to his wife the happenings in SGM, hoping to create dialogue and enable her to understand the practice.

Since SGM started to organize peace lectures in 1997, Low has invited her to lectures. Each time, she turned down his invitation. But Low never gave up. He continued to pray for his wife. He invited her to join SGM activities. He also tried to arrange for her to have dialogue with SGM leaders.

His wife refused to have anything to do with SGM.

Things turned brighter in 1998. This was thanks to the SUKOM performance. It made a deep impression on Low's wife. She felt proud of the SGM human graphics. She began to show signs of support for SGM.

His wife became involved in setting up a kindergarten. Low knew this when he came home and found his wife pouring over books and materials of kindergarten and pre-school. Low explained about Tadika Seri Soka and offered to help to set up appointments to meet teachers there. There was going to be peace lecture on the 21st of May. His wife said she would think about it.

Then good news came. His wife called him and asked for a map to Bunka Kaikan, so she could bring her friend.

Low was excited.

Low's wife and friend attended the peace lecture by Prof. Firdaus and later made a visit to the Tadika. Both were impressed by SGM's efforts to organize these lectures. It was the first time Low's wife had ever stepped into BK. The closest she ever came before was the BK gate. She refused to step foot into BK.

Her friend was impressed by what she saw at Tadika Seri Soka and the philosophy behind it. She asked Low's wife if she had attended SGM activities before. She was surprised to learn it was the first time for Low's wife also.

"Such a wonderful organization and you are telling me that you had never attended these activities before?" she exclaimed to Low's wife.

Low's prayers for more than 10 years have been realized. It was a significant day. A step in the battle to enable his wife to understand the greatness of this practice, and take faith.

His parting remarks were "No matter what others say, we must strive on with the compassion of Daishonin. If we fall prey to what others say, we will lose our way." 

(Written with permission of Low Suan Fhong)