My First Four Weeks with SGI-India

By Nipen Patel

Versha Hemrajani and Uday Thakkar were indispensable for my induction into the Soka Gakkai Organization, which took place just a little over four weeks ago.

I was motivated to learn more about this organization because of its humanistic and humanitarian concerns, as expressed in the philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. I acquired a little knowledge from the Internet and by listening to Surinder, Suneeta and Shantanu. This philosophy is appealing because it explains that by displaying our compassion for others through this practice we receive benefits.

During my first official interaction with Soka Gakkai members, I chanted for the further progress of the organization with which I am employed. What ensued thereafter can be best described as a stimulating, and a professionally rewarding experience, which in the course of few weeks managed to surpass all my optimistic levels of expectation.

For example:

1. In my very first week of chanting the Daimoku, we managed an all time high in securing advertisements for our weekly paper. This record was then smashed in the second week and for yet another time in the fourth week.

2. We started receiving five-year subscriptions — something that we never received since the inception of this organization long ago.

3. We transmitted our news through a satellite — again something that we never achieved before.

4. We are working toward a collaboration with a foreign association, which is now under advanced stage of consideration.

5. A separate project, as a freelancer, came my way from a reputed foreign magazine, and that too is a much-admired topic.

6. An overnight confirmation, last week, for an in-house newsletter for an insurance company, although this one as a ghost writer.

7. An additional offer to undertake a bimonthly newsletter for a travel agency is up for grabs.

8. A lavish hike in my salary on the 2nd of January.

I am continually amazed at these outcomes and have no explanations to offer except to attribute these events to the regular chanting of the Mystic Law of Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.

It remains doubtless in my mind that it is indeed practicing to the Gohonzon that has played a pivotal role in setting forth of such fabulous moments at such a swift pace of time. It has not only brought about far reaching benefits to my organization’s progress and but in the bargain, it also reaped rich rewards for me in various ways. And what’s more, it has also enhanced and enriched my life by further developing the righteous and moral qualities within me.

All these developments reaffirm my faith that chanting to the Gohonzon for others, as well as ourselves, with complete confidence and conviction, can cause greater control within us to succeed in our professional as well as personal endeavors. 

I can confidently state that practicing to the Gohonzon and chanting the Daimoku has certainly crystallized my dreams and ambitions into reality at an intimidating speed. 

I remain grateful to each and everyone for accepting me as a part of Soka Gakkai Organization and thank you all for listening me out!!

Nipen Patel


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