Finding a Full Practice in Malaysia 

My name is Robiwn Lok. I took faith in this Buddhism 33 years ago in 1969, together with my father who was suffering from a heart illness. I just chanted daimoku and followed him.

I participated in the first SGI Cultural Show held at Peng Wah School in Penang. I performed “Yer Kuan Wu” and “Sin Chian Wu”. After that, my chanting slowed down and later I stopped completely.

I still chanted occasionally and I really chanted hard when my father had a stroke. When my dad began to recover, I stopped again, thinking: “He is already OK.” My faith and practice were seasonal.

I have worked in several big companies with jobs ranging from dispatch boy to supervisor, from sales executive to branch manager, from area manager to regional manager, and finally to director. I was quite successful in my work, but all the companies that I worked for closed down after 2 years, 1 year, or 10 months. Between jobs, I chanted for a short period of time; then I was offered work in another company with higher pay.

When the last company closed down, I faced problems one after another. I was unable to get a job offer. I was already reaching the age of forty and it is hard to get a job when you are middle aged. I had a family to feed.  I had no money, so thoughts of suicide came into my mind. 

I went to the kaikan everyday and chanted for hours. Nothing seemed to change, even after 6 months. I continued chanting. There was no other option for me.

One day, I met Tiong Cheng at the kaikan and that’s when my life started changing for the better. Tiong Cheng advised me that faith, practice, and study are very important.

Before this guidance, I hardly chanted in my house. I only did daimoku and I didn't do gongyo. I never studied Buddhism. I only chanted daimoku in the kaikan. The guidance I received from Tiong Cheng was a great benefit to me. “Pray for wisdom and encouragement to ‘beng tui’ (face) everyday and to change our ‘sok mia’ (karma).” With this guidance, I started doing gongyo, shakubuku, and attending activities like discussion meetings, daimoku meetings, kosen-rufu gongyos, Gosho studies, etc. 

Now, I do gongyo every morning and evening at home. My two daughters have started doing gongyo. I now have a wonderful and happy family. My business is improving and there are two more new investors interested in my company. I have another new business partner/investor ready to start.

My only regret is that I had lost 20 over years of my youth. According to Buddhism, if we have no “luck” (fortune) or “hock yoon” whatever we do, we only end up hitting walls.

Today, I came to talk about my experience, and I swear in front of the Gohonzon that I will never repeat the same silly mistakes again, and that I will continue to strive for kosen-rufu and pray for everybody’s health. If we introduce others to this practice and take care of people, Gohonzon will take care of our family, rest assured!

(This is my experience given during the YMD general meeting held in the Malaysian kaikan on Sunday 07 April, 2002, 1309 hrs.)

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