Sharing an experience MAGNIFIES its effect. With that spirit in mind, I want to share my own personal experiences. These experiences (and many others!) happened during my thirty-plus years of practicing with the Soka Gakkai. 

First Step to Liberation ... How I started 

"Teach Me Those Words" ... Stopping a prison fight 

The Perfect Jailbreak ... Practicing in jail 

Magnifying My Benefit ... Free at last 

A Heart Singing with Joy ... Chanting Daimoku the most effective way 

Missing Gongyo ... And making a strong determination 

Me & Nikken ... What he's really like in person 

Cecilia's Death ... Where is she now? 

My U Mandara Ke ... A little story of petals falling 

Bodhisattva Wonderful Sound ... Who is making that sound? 

The Blue Fuhrer and the Glowing Gohonzon ... Why does the Gohonzon glow? 

Yougotto!... A lesson from youthful training 

The Pipe Wrench of the True Dharma ... Before you say "Goddamn," you should say Nam Myoho-renge-kyo 

Visiting a Painful Experience as a Thus Come One ... I felt healed 

Nevermore... A weird story 

The Memory of Rocks ... The Mystic Law is always revealing itself 

Buddhist Apology (Zange) ... Who am I apologizing to? What am I apologizing for?

Gandhi's Stupid Brothers ... I TOO have done stupid things 

The Eulogy I Never Gave ... A woman's life of power 
My Kosen Rufu Dream ... Something to fight for