The Imagery of Nichiren's Lotus Sutra: Acknowledgements 
This website is the beginning of the flowering of a 30+ year labor of love. 

It could not have been completed with out the support, technical expertise, artistic ability, and editing of my wife, Kathy. Among other things, she designed the background and the banner of this site. 

This website is an extension of the Gohonzon Translation Project of the early 1970's that was led by Margaret Singleton. The Nichiren Shoshu priests that reviewed the work disapproved of it and we were instructed to destroy every copy. Our work was destroyed but the memory of it lives on in this website. I am indebted to all those who worked on this project. 

The Chinese characters on these pages are from 

This site has also benefited from the sharp eyes of Nomis Fung, Teo Lye Hee, Wong Kok-cheng, and Lynn Martin. 

Books used are mentioned in the Bibliography. 

Thanks are due to all those who have written to support this project or to suggest something I hadn't thought of yet. And to the local Washington DC members whose input and encouragement has been invaluable.  

Updated 6/7/06 
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