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The Blind Heir of a Wealthy Merchant 

Each single mote of dust contains a billion rolls of sutras. [from the Avatamsaka Sutra] Thus, the whole of the dharma of the Buddhas is contained in a thought. 
from Great Calming and Contemplation
(an English translation of the Maka Shikan),
pp. 196-197 

 The ordinary person, subject to the nine states of bondage, fails to perceive or to understand this vast richness. He is like the blind heir of a wealthy merchant, who sits in his treasure chamber utterly unaware of the riches around him. When he moves about, he is impeded and hurt by the jewels instead. In his feverish delirium, he takes the jewels for demons, tigers, dragons, and snakes, so that he abandons them and hastens away, reeling and in pain. 
also from Great Calming and Contemplation,
p. 193 

[This is an interpreted synopsis of a story in the "Belief and Understanding" chapter of the Lotus Sutra.]