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The Order of Enlightenment 
If the Universal Law is non-discriminatory, why are some enlightened before others? 

The Maka Shikan explains: 

When the sun appears in the east, it first illuminates the tallest mountains, then the next highest peaks until finally even the valleys are filled with light. 

The sun does not discriminate. 

The first enlightened are those who seek the truth most strenuously, they are like the tallest mountains who first receive sunlight.  Inspired by their example, others follow and are illuminated like the next highest peaks. 

Finally, the Universal Law illuminates even those of low capacity, like sunlight filling the valley. 

[Paraphrased from Great Calming and Contemplation (a translation of the Maka Shikan), p. 122] 

Nichiren Daishonin wrote: 
"Fire can be produced by a stone taken from the bottom of a river, and a candle can light up a place that has been dark for billions of years.  If even the most ordinary things of this world are such wonders, then how much more wondrous is the power of the Mystic Law." 
(From "The One Essential Phrase")


"Please understand that I am merely joining my one drop to the rivers and the oceans or adding my candle to the sun and the moon, hoping in this way to increase even slightly the volume of the water or the brilliance of the light." 

(From "Recitation of the Hoben and Juryo Chapters")