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The Gakkai Spirit 

In the New Human Revolution, Daisaku Ikeda relates the story of the Japanese who were interned in a Russian concentration camp during World War II. 

Somehow they managed to escape into the cold, barren Russian frontier. But only two of them survived. The two survivors were not the youngest or the physically strongest. 

The only survivors were a mother and her infant child. The mother knew that if she died her child would surely die. It was this understanding that gave the mother the strength and wisdom to endure and overcome all manner of hardships. 

Mr. Ikeda wrote that the Gakkai Spirit like this mother's love. We must overcome all hardships for the sake of the members. By doing this we become stronger and wiser. 

We save ourselves by forging a path for others. 

When you light a lamp for another, it illuminates your path as well. This is the Gakkai Spirit.