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The Jewel and the Genome 

The Jewel:

Tibetans chant: (roughly translated) "Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus." 

Some Zennists chant, "There is no jewel in the lotus."  This mock-mantra repudiates Tibetan ritual and points to the Zen practice of observing the Void. 

The Jewel in the Lotus is the wish-granting gem of ichinen sanzen. It is as many sided as there are life forms. It is Vast. 

Each jeweled surface reflects its own unique reality. 

Looking beyond the reflection is all life. 

The Genome:

Carbon-based life forms are replicated by stacks of genes. Gene strands resemble the snakes in the symbol of medicine. A double helix. 

When one strand separates from the other, both replicate the missing halves. 

Watson (or maybe it was Crick; they were joint discoverers of the structure of DNA) was asked: "How do the gene strands replicate themselves?" 

He replied: "Each strand has a molecular sound. This sound attracts the needed element and repels others." 

Wave theory in a microcosm. 

Each life-form has its own molecular sound. A unique symphony of life. 

A baby's laugh creates smiles for the listening parents. 

Sound has consequence. 

Nichiren Daishonin wrote: 

"Life at each moment permeates the universe and is revealed in all phenomena.  One awakened to this truth embodies this relationship." 
(Major Writings, Vol. 1, p. 3, "On Attaining Buddhahood")
Each genome is a wish-granting jewel.