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The Mantras of Other Beings 

The Ongi Kuden states: 

"The benefits of the four Bodhisattvas are as follows: the natural function of fire is to burn things (Jogyo), that of water to purify (Jyogyo), that of wind to blow away dust and dirt (Muhengyo), and that of the earth to nourish plants and trees (Anryugyo). These are the roles of the four bodhisattvas. Though the roles of the four bodhisattvas are different, they are all the practice of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. The four Bodhisattvas dwell underneath and T'ien tai's interpretation in the Hokke Mongu speaks of underneath the earth as 'the ultimate depth of life, that being the absolute reality.' Thus, that Bodhisattvas of the Earth dwell underneath means that they dwell in the truth." 
(from the Gosho Zenshu, p. 751)
Due to the vibratory blending of matter and energy all forms have sound. All sounds have shapes. 

Based on function and shape, try to imagine mantras of water. Maybe: "Go with the flow." "I will surely find a way." "Seek the lowest level." 

Because we are largely composed of water there must be a residual mantra or spiritual signature to our physical composition. We are also formed by and composed of earth, wind, fire and ku. Are there corresponding spiritual aspects and respective mantras? 

The mantras of Fire must be of illumination, consumption, passion, heat and rising, ambition, spiritual fervor. I imagine the Mantra of Fire to be "Ariba!!!! Ariba!!! (higher and higher). Fire mantras seem to be the opposite of Water mantras. 

Earth mantras are steadfast, stubborn, nourishing, peace abiding. An old civil rights song comes to mind "I shall not be moved." 

The Wind chants of freedom, breath, and continuous effort. 

One would think that the five elements would never agree to a single mantra or any corresponding forms. 

The mantras of all elements blend into Nam Myoho-renge-kyo. Their agreement is embodied on the Gohonzon and in our bodies and our lives. 

The Chinese "Nam" has Earth, Ku, and Fire in its composition. "Myo" has Earth and Illumination (Fire). "Ho" has Ku, Earth, and Water. Renge has Water, and Wind. Kyo has Water and Earth. (For a more in depth explanation, visit

When we invoke the Mystic Law, we sound the voice of all beings.