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The Excommunicated Newlyweds 

The newlyweds missed the first excommunication notice because they were on their Jamaican honeymoon. When they received the second excommunication notice they went to Onshitsuji temple after lunch to speak to Reverend Manuke. Their knock woke him up. He grumbled "What you want?" 

They asked what they could do to keep from being excommunicated again. 

Manuke explained that they must do three things. First, they had to renounce Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism. Second, they had to worship, strictly obey, and give money to the priests. Third, as proof of their sincerity, they had to forgo having sex for two weeks. 

He instructed them to return in two weeks to participate in a ceremony of admonishment. 

Two weeks later they returned. 

Manuke asked: "Do you faithfully swear to abandon the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin?"  "Yes," they answered. 

"Do you faithfully swear to strictly obey, worship, and give money to the priests?"  "Yes," they answered. 

"Did you refrain from having sex for two weeks?" 

"No," answered the husband. Then he explained, "We tried, Reverend, but after the first week, my wife was reaching for a can of beans on the top shelf. The beans fell and she bent to pick them up. I was overcome with emotions ... and ... well, I took her right then and there. I couldn't help myself!" 

Reverend Manuke turned red-faced with anger and announced, "You are excommunicated again!" 

The husband said, "That's OK, they won't let us back in the grocery store either!"