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Shakyamuni and the Lovers 

Two lovers asked for a private audience with Shakyamuni Buddha. Once alone, they asked the Buddha: "We are in love with each other. Can we be lovers and still be your followers?" 

The Buddha answered "If you respect each other as you would living Buddhas, then you are my followers." 

Nichiren Daishonin wrote: 

"Counting all your previous lives, you must have shared the bonds of matrimony with more men than there are grains of sand in the ocean. However, the man to whom you were wed in this life is your true husband. He is the only one who brought you to practice the teachings of the Lotus Sutra. You should revere him as a Buddha." 
(From "Hell Is the Land of Tranquil Light")
Before husbands expect that their wives "revere them as Buddhas," they should first show the same kind of respect. 

Nichiren also wrote: 

"Only in the Lotus Sutra do we read that a woman who embraces this sutra not only excels all other women but also surpasses all men." 
(From "The Unity of Husband and Wife")