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SuShi and the Buddhist Monk 

The famous Chinese poet SuShi* (1037-1101 A.D.) was visiting his friend, who was a Buddhist monk. SuShi asks the monk what SuShi is like in the monk's eyes. 

The monk replies, "In my eyes, you are a Buddha." 

SuShi is very happy with this response. 

The monk then asks SuShi the same question, and SuShi answers, "In my eyes, you are dung!" 

The monk smiles, and SuShi is delighted, because he thinks he is better than the monk. 

Then some days later, SuShi tells the story to a friend, and the friend tells him the truth, "The monk sees you as a Buddha, because he sees everything as Buddha, because he has a Buddha's heart and eyes. You see the monk as dung, because you see everything as dung, because you have a dung's heart and eyes!" 

[This story is from Nomis Fung] 


*SuShi is also known as Su Dong Po.