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Water Karma 

The Buddhist concept of shiki-shin-funi (mind-body-oneness) empowers beings with the knowledge that each element or compound of elements has a corresponding archetypal spiritual signature. 

Cellular technology is mostly constructed with water, some earth, air, fire, and ku (neither existence nor nonexistence) mixed in. Our carbon-based life form is, in reality, a predominantly a water/carbon-based life form. (A Zennist might argue that it is a predominantly ku/water/carbon-based life form.) 

The nature of water is to go downhill. 

Since we are largely water and the nature of water has a spiritual nature to go downhill, if we do nothing to improve ourselves, we will follow the course of water and go downhill. 

What can we do to avoid following the course of water and going downhill? 

To always stretch ourselves. To fight for life like the salmon of the Northwest. 

To go upstream. 

To take action that stretches and expands potential. 

Gongyo is the action (gyo) that stretches and expands (gon) potential. 

Doing Gongyo in the morning is like doing hundreds of impossible things before breakfast. 

If you do Gongyo you are prepared for your day. You will have practiced. 

Water doesn't just go downhill; it can also flow. It can change. It can be snowflakes, rainbows, and floods. 

Our nature has the spiritual imprint of water. 

We have water karma.