Sutras and Commentaries:
  Be a Lamp (Nirvana Sutra)
  World Honored One Flicks Dirt with His Toe (Vimalakirti Sutra)
  Order of Enlightenment (Maka Shikan)
  Calming and Contemplation of Anger (Maka Shikan)
  Effect of Thunderbolts on Ivory (Maka Shikan)
  Blind Heir of a Wealthy Merchant (Maka Shikan)
  Mongolian Wisdom (ancient sayings)
  Mighty Bodhisattva Warriors (13th Dalai Lama)
  Seeing Ourselves as Suchness (Shinnyo kan)
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  The Dancing Monk and the Self-Denying Monk
  24 Hours To Die

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  Water Karma
  Gandhi on Anger
  Buddhas' Footprints
  The Great Wish, the DaiGohonzon, and the SGI
  The Gakkai Spirit

  The Daimoku Parrot
  The Excommunicated Newlyweds

The Wave Theory of Karma 

Nautical Law holds one accountable for damages done by their waves. 

This means that if you speed past another boat and your waves cause a person on that boat to spill hot bacon grease on themselves, you could be successfully sued for damages. 

Karma means "Action." 

Action makes waves. 

The Maka Shikan states: 

"When goodwill is practiced both physically and verbally, various kinds of equalizing actions and beneficial actions are manifested. That the two kinds of giving that of possessions and the dharma may take many diverse forms depending on the person..." 
from Great Calming and Contemplation, p. 268
Nichiren Daishonin wrote: 
"One who hears even a sentence or phrase of the Lotus Sutra and cherishes it deep in his heart may be likened to a ship which navigates the sea of suffering. The Great Teacher Miao-lo stated, 'Even a single phrase cherished deep in one's heart will without fail help him reach the opposite shore. To ponder one phrase and practice it is to exercise navigation...'" 
from "A Ship to Cross the Sea of Suffering"