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The Great Wish, the DaiGohonzon, and the SGI

The Great Wish:

"At all times I think to myself:
How can I cause living beings
to gain entry into the unsurpassed way 
and quickly acquire the body of a Buddha?" 
Lotus Sutra, Chapter 16, p. 232
The DaiGohonzon:

The word "DaiGohonzon" is composed of four Chinese characters:

Dai (tai) is a person with arms and legs extended fully. It means great. One who extends themselves fully is great. The extended arms are all-embracing.

Go is honorific, showing respect.

Hon (pon) is the rootsource of a tree. The root is the source of life to the tree, transforming earth (nonlife) to life.

Zon (tsun in Chinese) is virtue. It is a euphemism for the Buddha.

The DaiGohonzon is GreatHonorableRootsourceBuddha.

Q. Why is the DaiGohonzon great? Is it because it was inscribed by the Daishonin? Because it is carved from a camphor log? Because it is inlaid with gold? Because millions have praised it?

A. None of the above. The DaiGohonzon is great because it embodies the "Great Wish". The Great Wish is the root source of virtue. This wish is the source of all Buddhas.

One may demean Nichiren or the Gohonzon known as the DaiGohonzon (not recommended). But know that all Buddhas abandon those who demean the "Great Wish".

This Wish is to widely spread (kosen rufu) the five or seven characters of the Lotus Sutra. For the first time in history, the SGI has spread these characters to every nation in the world. The SGI also embodies the Great Wish.

Q. Is the Great Wish greater than other wishes?

A. The Great Wish encompasses all wishes. Without Myo (hope) one cannot even wish. Without Ho (justice) wishes are stillborn. Without Ren (a cause in the present moment) they can not be realized. Without Ge (the effect of Ren) they are unfulfilled. Without Kyo they cannot endure. The SGI has lifted the banner of Myoho-renge-kyo and is the champion of the Lotus Sutra and all Buddhas.

Those who turn their back on the DaiGohonzon, as Nikken has done, block the lamp of hope, dull the sword of justice and become lost in the sea of suffering. Instead of propagating the Mystic Law, out of ignorance, they slander those who do.

Q. Why?

A. "Because the poison has penetrated deeply and their minds no longer function as before....Because of the poison in them, their minds are completely befuddled." (Ibid, p. 228)

The SGI:

The SGI has spread Myoho-renge-kyo throughout the world. Those opposing them have done nothing remarkable. This should surprise no one.

An old Chinese proverb says "When you drink water, remember those who dug the well." In this spirit, when you chant daimoku cherish the SGI who spreads Myoho-renge-kyo throughout the world. This act will delight and honor all Buddhas, and is the rootsource of great virtue.

Nichiren Daishonin wrote:

"The Buddha who is the entity of Myoho-renge-kyo, of the Juryo chapter of the essential teachings, who is both inhabiting subject and inhabited realm, life and environment, body and mind, entity and function, the Buddha eternally endowed with the three bodies he is to be found in the disciples and followers of Nichiren. Such persons embody the true entity of Myoho-renge-kyo; these are the meritorious workings that the spontaneous transcendental powers inherent in it display. Could anyone venture to doubt it? Indeed it cannot be doubted!" 
Major Writings, Vol. 7, p. 64