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The Mantras of Kitties 

If kitty is near a door and he invokes the Kitty Mantra, the door opens. When near his kitty dish, this chant brings milk or food. 

Sometimes, kitties are so amazed at the power of this mantra that they stare cross-eyed at the open door or full food dish. On other occasions, they see beyond the delusion of samsara and look in the wrong direction. 

Those who are unfamiliar with the kitty culture may think tomcats fight over the favors of the female kitty. Not true. 

Close observation proves that the real fights break out because all male cats (when intoxicated by love) think they can sing. 

None of them can. 

All male cats, sensibly, can't stand the singing of other cats. Also, they can never agree on a song. 

If a tomcat lives in your house, now you know why he returns from an ill-fated songfest reciting the Mantra of a 100-Dollar Vet Bill.