7) “Mainichi Daily News — Soka Gakkai Leader Arrested for Grizzly Murder”
It was a grisly murder (not “grizzly” — bears had nothing to do with it!), but there is nothing in the article to indicate the suspect is a “leader” in the Soka Gakkai — all it says is that he had, at one time, been a member. 

Another indication of Mr. Bratcher’s character: Of course he posted this story to ARBN many times. But he also wrote and posted this, disguised as a legitimate news story: 

Reliable sources say that Akira Ojima, the murder victim in a recent bizarre killing, was one of the architects of the Sho Hondo. It is said he was threatening to reveal evidence of short-cuts that were taken in the construction of the now crumbing structure. He won’t be talking now that he is dead. Another Soka Gakkai member — reportedly a Paris senior leader — said to have been hand picked by Daisaku Ikeda himself to lead a Paris district — has been charged with his grizzly death.... In an interview of an ex-SGI member from his district in Paris, Mrs Y, the accused was said to be a very devout follower of Daisaku Ikeda, and allegedly accompanied Mr Ikeda to dinner from time to time . . . 
— ARBN, June 1998
If Mr. Bratcher actually believed in anything and was not motivated solely by hate — his ingenuity and persistence would be applauded. As it is . . . well.

8) “Weekly Post — President Ikeda plans to appoint his son as successor” It must have been a slow news week for the WP, so someone said, “Think of something to bash the Gakkai with”, and someone did. There is no indication from any other source — and positive statements from Mr. Ikeda to the contrary — that he will appoint his son as the next Soka Gakkai President.

9) “Weekly Post — Indictments by former American Members”
This one is hilarious. It alleges that the bathroom fixtures in the residence at the Malibu Training Center are made of gold (they are not, but it would sure fit Nichiren Shoshu’s agenda if they were). 

It also reports that President Ikeda held “nude guidance sessions” in the hot tub with female members. The report is from someone who heard about it from someone else, a “open secret” within the American leadership in the early Seventies. Imagine — in some thirty years not one of the actual participants has become disillusioned with the SGI and reported such a thing. That would be because they never happened.

But it would sure fit Nichiren Shoshu’s agenda if they had. So, since they did not happen, Nichiren Shoshu had to invent the story.

10) “Asia Times: Sex Case Haunts Religious Leader” 
     “Japan Times” 
     “Honolulu Star Bulletin”
     “Victims of the Soka Gakkai Association” 

All about the discredited rape stories.

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