22) “Funny Money Stories Uncovered in Japan - Boston Globe”
This is the “safe found in dump” story. See "Money Found in Dump" — Nichiren Shoshu/SG-eye/Cebunet has posted it here again despite the fact that they know its allegations have been shown to be false.

23) “Far Eastern Economic Review” — Story about Komeito from 1988. 
     “Weekly Post - SGI Chairman Daisaku Ikeda and Politics” — Says nothing.

24) “Minneapolis Star Tribune - Cults of the Nineties”
An excerpt: 

That such earthly preoccupations have caused some to dub Soka Gakkai the “yuppie religion” concerns its leaders less than the fact that others charge it is a menacing cult. While the group has attracted high-profile members such as Tina Turner and Herbie Hancock, less visible adherents say SG demands unwavering loyalty, encourages the severing of family ties and requires ever-increasing donations. 

“Pretty soon they’re telling you who you could and could not marry, whether you could have an abortion or return to school,” said Kasia Ross, 48, who along with her husband was a member of the Chicago chapter for 20 years. “It’s pure control.”

Her husband became disillusioned when he was not appointed to a leadership position he coveted. Around 1991 he started sending “newsletters” to various SGI community centers, with drawings of various leaders on the toilet, naked, etc. He and Mrs. Ross tried turning meetings into forums for their own personal vendettas; and when asked to stop doing so, they tried to take their case to the Chicago media — at which point they were expelled from the SGI.

Needless to say, nothing in the remark attributed to Mrs. Ross is remotely true. President Ikeda has written whole books on strengthening family ties, and some of the most poignant experiences published in the World Tribune have to do with grown children reconciling with parents from whom they had been estranged before joining the SGI. The SGI does not tell people who to marry, or when to have an abortion. Members do ask for guidance on these matters from their leaders; but President Ikeda has said that it is not his place to make such decisions for other people, and can only give guidance in faith.

25) “Broward - Palm Beach New Times”
This one is not too terrible — at least, it includes remarks from an SGI-USA spokesperson. For SGI “critics”, however, it used John Ayres, the proprietor of the defunct “Clearing House” website and a semi-professional SGI hater; and someone who believes the SGI is, evidently, an arm of the CIA or KGB. Or maybe both.

26) “Time - Power of the Soka Gakkai/ Following the Leader”
The discredited “uniformed mob invades temple” story, already addressed.

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