Someone in Europe sent Craig Bratcher notes from a meeting with a Gakkai leader from Japan. At the time, Nichiren Shoshu was about to open a temple in Ghana, and was trying to divert attention from its own legal problems in Korea, Ghana, and elsewhere. Mr. Bratcher’s part in this was his attempting to provoke an incident of violence in Ghana, as ammunition for his ongoing campaign to paint the SGI as a violent, paramilitary group. 

So his initial spin on this “memo” — the one that Nichiren Shoshu still maintains in its references to “the Kitano Memo” — was just that: that its words urging a greater effort to stop Nichiren Shoshu from stealing SGI members, mean “use subterfuge and force when necessary”. 

Anyone familiar with the SGI, its methods, practice and respect for Buddhist principles; and who, given a chance to read this “memo” objectively, would understand that it is nothing like the aggressive directive Nichiren Shoshu colors it as. But by prejudicing the reader beforehand, with inflammatory rhetoric such “orders from Ikeda to use coercion and trickery to violate freedom of religion”, Mr. Bratcher has managed to cause a number of people — mostly followers of Nikken — to consider it to be a call to all sorts of violence. 

He did the same thing, remember, with “the Chicago directive” — an exhortation to refute Nikken’s slander of the Daishonin’s Buddhism, and his attacks on the SGI, as being by definition a call for violence against Nichiren Shoshu. 

Some of the language in these notes does use imagery associated with competition. Nichiren Daishonin himself used such metaphors, and Mr. Bratcher (and other Nichiren Shoshu members on ARBN) have been loathe to ascribe to him the same tendencies they ascribe to the SGI for using milder language: 

Donning the armor of endurance and girding myself with the sword of the wonderful teaching, I have raised the banner of the five characters . . . Then, drawing the bow of the Buddha’s declaration . . . and notching the arrow of “honestly discarding the provisional teachings”, , I have mounted the carriage of the Great White Ox and battered down the gates of the provisional teachings. Attacking first one and then another, I have refuted opponents . . . Some have fled headlong while others have retreated, and still others have been captured to become my disciples. I continue to repulse their attacks and defeat them . . . The battle goes on even today. —WND, p. 392 

Here are the “instructions”, as Nichiren Shoshu posted them, and as read without Nichiren Shoshu’s pre-fabricated meaning. 

SGI-EU Summit with Gen. Sec. Kitano. 20/21-12-97 Villa Sachzen. : 

VERSION POSTED BY NICHIREN SHOSHU: “Currently, there are four Priests traveling in Europe, some on their way to Ghana and others visiting the Danto members to hand out Gohonzons. It would play right into the hands of Nikken if we allowed the building of a Temple in Germany or in a German speaking country. We must, at all costs, prevent that happening by utilizing our combined strength.” 

PLAIN ENGLISH: The SGI is correctly propagating the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. The temples are not, but are instead misleading people as to what the teaching of the Daishonin really is. It would be a great tragedy is this poison is allowed to spread among the people of Germany. The priests are making great efforts right now to do just that. 
VERSION POSTED BY NICHIREN SHOSHU: “Again: Somebody goes over to Danto and starts a point, but we do nothing. A line or Danto group starts and we do nothing. It then increases — regional, registered by law — and if we still do nothing then a Temple will be built. Sensei says: ‘If you challenge evil, then you must decide the time and the place to destroy evil’. Basically: Choose the ‘place’ while it is still relatively small, and this applies equally to the ‘time’, ie the time to attack is Now.” 
PLAIN ENGLISH: Yet we, the true disciples of the Daishonin, have been allowing this poison to be propagated without making an all-out effort to refute it. By the time we do anything, they have built up their strength. 
VERSION POSTED BY NICHIREN SHOSHU: “...In order to destroy the overseas strategies of the Nikken sect, I want to make a suggestion to all the representatives that we start a special SGI campaign against the Nikken sect starting today to last until the end of the Tozan of 100,000 people.” 
PLAIN ENGLISH: So, let’s change that now. 
VERSION POSTED BY NICHIREN SHOSHU: “...Initially and especially we should be ‘pro-active’, in other words, be informed of all the movements of the Nikken sect and apply a practical system of ‘counter-action’. As you have already been informed, the SGI Strategy Dept. has been founded at the SGI-Head Office. In the past, the movements of the Nikken sect have been carefully monitored outside of Japan and in conjunction with the Bureau of the European Continent, counter- activities were instigated. Moreover, the Strategic Department has been provided to strengthen this system. In several countries in which seminars about the Nikken sect were held, and guidance relevant to this was given, campaigns to win the members back were carried out. In addition, measures were taken against the Priests and Danto organizations.” 
PLAIN ENGLISH: The SGI is taking the spread of Nikken’s poison seriously. So should we, by supporting the worldwide movement and receiving support back from it. SEMINARS and GUIDANCE have been successful in inspiring our members to win people back from the disaster of following Nikken. 
VERSION POSTED BY NICHIREN SHOSHU: “...we should establish a fighting spirit throughout the entire SGI organization. There have been various activities led by the Strategy Dept. such as the campaign to win back members. As to the fight against the Nikken sect, the members in the front line - especially in the Women’s Division — are aware of important information, ie the movements of the sect and their methods of convincing people. But, if we don’t have a fighting spirit that is strong enough, this information will not reach those responsible on the next highest level. Or, they receive the information but neglect to pass it on to the next highest level of responsibility.” 
PLAIN ENGLISH: The WOMAN’S DIVISION has used INFORMATION to counter the moves of the Nikken Sect. We have to be sure we are ready to insure that this INFORMATION flows, so that members will be able to convince people not to join the Nikken Sect in time, before the priests have established themselves. 
VERSION POSTED BY NICHIREN SHOSHU: “...Sensei sent Mr. Kitano to Ghana with these words: ‘When you start to fight evil, you have to continue to the end. You cannot stop halfway. Fight with all your strength, with all your might and use All means for that fight.’ 
PLAIN ENGLISH: Don the armor of endurance and gird yourself with the true teaching. Raise the banner of Myoho-renge-kyo. Draw the bow of the Buddha’s declaration.... 

In short, Mr. Kitano — even if these notes are accurate — is speaking of things like seminars and guidance, and maybe the fact of the Women’s Division having information. 

And further, bottom-line proof that the Nichiren Shoshu spin is nothing but spin: there have been no acts of aggression against Nichiren Shoshu by any SGI member in Europe or elsewhere since this “memo” was concocted other than refuting its perverted doctrine and its own aggressive slander of the SGI.

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