This is an analysis of the distortions and misinformation on an anti-SGI website run by Nichiren Shoshu. There are links (those beginning "SG-eye...") to its various sections, with detailed rebuttal to the items in each one. Within those points one will find discussions of charges against the SGI and its president; Nichiren Shoshu's own antisocial behavior; and of its deviations from the Buddhism of Nichiren Daishonin. It's use of falsehoods and manipulation of information is also exposed, as are its own aggressive and unethical attacks on another religion.

SG-eye is analyzed here in detail because, in addition to its own content, it has extensive links to Cebunet and to other anti-SGI websites.

About these: SG-eye says "SG-eye does not take responsibility for the content of external sites." Of course, though, it must. Whole pages, whole categories on the SG-eye site, are nothing but links to other sites. Obviously, the SG-eye site creators want to convey the content of those other sites, and they endorse the overall impression one gets from the totality of their content. To refuse responsibility for the content of these sites is like inviting a guest to give an inflammatory speech, allowing him to speak without questioning or rebuttal, applauding the speech and then washing your hands of responsibility for the subsequent inflammation.

The SG-eye website is currently on, though it has drifted from one host to another over the months. Originally, it had its own domain, using as the registrant "The Association of Young Laity for the Reformation of the Soka Gakkai", with the address of a pro-Gakkai priests' association.

From its inception, obviously, SG-eye had no intention of being honest about anything. Its opening page says:

Keeping an eye on the activities of SGI, this site aims to debunk the myths and hatred that Soka Gakkai leaders spread about Nichiren Shoshu.

Human Rights & Freedom Of Religion
Soka Gakkai portrays an image of a "Humanist / Buddhist group dedicated to peace, culture and education", but behind the scenes, it is waging an ugly campaign to destroy it's members' former religion Nichiren Shoshu.

We respect SGI members human right to practice their choice of religion in peace and encourage Soka Gakkai leaders to extend the same right to practitioners of Nichiren Shoshu. This site will be removed when they do.

Most Soka Gakkai members hate the propaganda assault they face in their magazines. Many leave because of it and it certainly stops new members joining. It's time to stop the war and get on with our lives.

Article 18. of the UN 1948 Declaration of Human Rights states: "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance." Yet SGI-USA members are still holding prayer vigils for the closure of Nichiren Shoshu Temples.

About this Site
This site aims to debunk the myths and hatred that Soka Gakkai leaders spread about Nichiren Shoshu with their so-called "Soka Spirit" campaign. SG-eye is neither connected to, nor run by Nichiren Shoshu, NST or Hokkeko. It is maintained by private individuals who are concerned about the current climate and actions of Soka Gakkai.

That sounds indeed like it is an effort in righteous anger. However, it is merely an attempt to justify the temple's own malicious and untruthful attacks on the SGI. That this is so is apparent in the actions of "", the anonymous person who advertises the site on ARBN.

Here is an advertisement for the site:

Subject: SG-EYE.COM relaunched
Date: 12/28/2000 6:02 PM Central Standard Time
Message-id: <

Please enjoy our new look website :


But SG-eye then sponsored a "vote" to pick the next SGI-USA leader (there was no opening at the time). Here is a message, obviously from the same person, posted just a few days after the above:
Subject: sgi-usa leadership poll - votes so far
From: <
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2001 02:30:27 0500

with 12 votes already in the current results are :
Mr Hankey (the Christmas Poo) has 41.67% of the vote and
shares the lead with "A Large Piece of Chocolate Cake"
(who says SGI members aren't hungry for change !)

Trailing Southpark's comedy turd and the calorific,
confectionary treat are George Williams & Fred Zaitsu (both
with a nostalgic 8.33%)

don't waste your vote - have your say at


Odd how a group dedicated to the lofty purpose of exposing wrongdoing would launch such an unprovoked and puerile attack on another religion "We respect SGI members human right to practice their choice of religion in peace," their opening statement says.

Obviously, their opening statement is not truthful.

Would that this were the only "not truthful" thing on this website. Later on, the proprietors say:

''We occasionally get angry messages from SGI members accusing us of spreading falsehoods about their group. We always challenge them to point out any inaccuracy on this site. So far, nobody has met the challenge."
Okay then . . .

In the SG-eye section of this site, we'll go through the site's "buttons," then through the links on those pages. Not every item will be addressed, as many are repetitive, some are transparent, and some are just not worth the effort.