1) “Death Threats”
This is about an SGI member’s website which relates the experiences of people who practiced heretical forms of Buddhism. As Nichiren Daishonin does in the Gosho, this member attributes their demise to their heretical practice. It is not a “death threat.”

2) “Slander and Abuse of Opponents”
It’s a favorite ploy of Nichiren Shoshu to accuse the Gakkai of what Nichiren Shoshu itself is guilty of.

“In the first place Nichiren tells us that we believers in the True Teaching should be the LAST to abuse each other. I won’t be drawn into that sort of thing. (unless, of course, you have converted to some heretical sect in which case you are fair game).” 
—Nichiren Shoshu member Ken B, 5/27/98

“Actually, they don’t even *try* to cover their pile of vile dung they offer to Daisaku.” 

—Craig Bratcher 12/3/98

“See how he shamelessly sucks up Ikeda’s dung for the modern age” 

—Craig Bratcher 3/17/98

“Show us the joy of sucking up the gakker dung. Mmmmmmm! “ 

—Craig Bratcher 2/3/98

“Suck up his dung and spew it out for all to see.” 

—Craig Bratcher 1/31/98

“The Soka Gakkai Dung Sucking competition was created in response to the many gakkers who love to lap up Ikeda’s dung and re-spew in on arbn.” 

—Craig Bratcher 3/17/98

“Size isn’t everything - just ask Terry"

—Ipcress (to Terry’s wife) 8/6/98

“You’re nothing but a liar or an insane person trying to confuse others with your crappy and antagonistic rhetoric."  

—Ken B 9/4/98

“I say bugger off and go wax your sensei’s big pimply behind.” 

—Ken B 9/5/98

“That’s nothing to what Ikedadatta does to your women behind YOUR back.........” 

—Ken B 9/23/98

“But yes, I reserve nothing but scorn for you.” 

—Ken B 8/17/98

“Or Jews, the poster-children for persecution and banishment.” 

—Ken B 3/21/98

“Jim Celer sucks a bloody crucifix to prove his humanism!” 

—Ken B 4/25/98

“I’ll make an apology for the “sucking a bloody crucifix comment” comment whenever you pull it out of your mouth.”

—Ken B 5/25/98

“Are you a sr. leader of the SGI spear chucking club?” 

—Craig Bratcher 2/17/98
On May 2nd, 1998, after the establishment of a new Nichiren Shoshu website depicting a Gohonzon with President Ikeda’s picture in the middle, the Ipcress site defended it this way: 
I don’t know what object of worship that guy holds dear. If, as you say he has the same object of worship as the Gakkai, then he must be a gakkai member himself, as only they pray to an edited photograph of a Nichikan Shonin Gohonzon.

All I know is that he has caught the essence of the Gakkai Honzon. When you worship it you are praising the sneering, ugly malicious face of Ikeda — not the life of the Buddha. This is what you will fuse to and the result will be the hell state that you describe.

The July 1997 Living Buddhism contained an article by Dr. Bethel in which he cites Erich From’s distinction between “faith in the having mode” and “faith in the being mode.” Of one with faith “in the having mode,” Fromm said: 
“(he) is in possession of an answer for which one has no rational proof. It consists of formulations created by others, which one accepts because one submits to those others — usually a bureaucracy. It is the entry ticket to join a large group of people. It relieves one of the hard task of thinking for oneself and making decisions. One becomes one of the beati possidents, the happy owners of the right faith — faith, in the having mode, gives certainty; it claims to pronounce the ultimate, unknowable knowledge, which is inevitable because the power of those who promulgate and protect the faith seems unshakable. Indeed, who would not choose certainty if all it requires is to surrender one’s independence?”
[emphasis added]
3) “Global Media Conspiracy”
This has been addressed in detail earlier. Because the Gakkai is subjected to articles in Japanese tabloids — often with (as we have seen in the Nobuhira case) the co-operation of the government’s ruling party — when it responds to these articles, Nichiren Shoshu characterizes it as paranoid. Mr. Bratcher uses the word “global” in reference to other media occasionally picking up these tabloid stories.

4) “Glorification of Multi Millionaire Leader”
Also addressed earlier, and again containing an outright lie that one of President Ikeda’s poems has supplanted the Gosho as “core material for study.” That is absurd.