6) "Daisaku's Demented Poem"
Mr. Ikeda often expresses his thoughts through poetry. He recently wrote one in which he clearly states his feeling that Nichiren Shoshu, in its attempts to deceive people about Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, and it's campaign to destroy the SGI, is performing the function of the "devil' as described in the Lotus Sutra and in the writings of Nichiren.

No argument here: of course Nichiren Shoshu would say it's "demented". It cannot answer, in any reasonable way, when it's inherent flaws are pointed out; and so regresses to the sort of sophomoric namecalling we find here. Criticism of poetry, however, is a subjective matter, and if they want to call it "demented," that is certainly their right as critics.

SG-eye does forward one objective falsehood here, though: It says SGI members "are required to read it (the poem) as part of Buddhist study." This is patently untrue.

7) "More SGI Deification of Ikeda"
This is an excerpt from a World Tribune opinion piece that is four full columns long. SG-eye excerpts less than one-half column from which to gather it propaganda that the SGI "deifies" Mr. Ikeda.

Actually, the piece is a recounting of a person's quest to fulfill the master-disciple relationship, which is traditionally (and with good reason) considered the most important relationship a person can have in Buddhism. By definition, both the master and disciple are human beings. But, when an SGI member praises his mentor, Nichiren Shoshu immediately calls it "deifying" or "worshipping." It's as if they laud the principle, but are shocked and outraged when it is really implemented in the real world.

Mr. Ikeda is respected, by those who call him "mentor", for his ability to give guidance based on the Gosho, to act in harmony with the direction given by Nichiren to his disciples, for his unsparing efforts for peace and culture, and for the hope and encouragement he inspires in others. It is respect earned through actual effort, and there is nothing divine or transcendent about it. Nor do any of his disciples think there is.

In contrast, the high priest of Nichiren Shoshu is, by the sect's doctrine, on a plane unreachable by any other human being (unless that human being happens to become the next High Priest of Nichiren Shoshu):

October 1991 Myodo

"The High Priest succeeded to this position, and by definition his wisdom and mercy is equal to that of the Daishonin." p. 10
Dai Nichiren Special Edition 3: 
"In other words, because the enlightened life of Nichiren Daishonin, or the Body of the Law of the Three Treasures of the Buddhism of the Sowing continues to exist through the transmission of the Face to Face Bestowal of the Living Essence of the Law to the only one who is to receive it, we are being strictly directed to believe in the existence of that enlightened life within the body of each high priest."  p. 1-4, 1-5
8) "Gakkai's Arrogant Quest for Political Power"
This is another story from the Weekly Post, this time attempting to construe, out of a Komeito politician's expressing an opinion on who the next Prime Minister ought to be, designs by the Soka Gakkai to take over the Japanese government..

The only fact in the story is that the Komeito member expressed dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Mori (just before his resignation, his approval rating in Japan is 9%, so this is hardly an isolated opinion, hardy an "arrogant power play" by a Komeito member), and had an opinion on who should replace him. As nearly every politician in Japan had a favorite to replace Mori, this is hardly arrogance either; in fact, one might reasonably argue that any politician who did not have such an opinion, considering Mori's obvious failures, was irresponsible.

There is also, in the Weekly Post story, a quote from SGI President Ikeda made in 1993. That year, one will remember, the LDP lost control of the Japanese government for the first time in some 50 years, and the Komeito was part of the coalition that won the elections. Thus, the Komeito would be included in the government. Mr. Ikeda is quoted as saying he can't wait to see which Komeito member would be appointed to the cabinet. This, the Weekly Post (and SG-eye) characterize as "arrogant".

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