9) "Newsweek on Clow Case Dirty Tricks" 
In 1991, Nichiren Shoshu High Priest Nikken Abe excommunicated the SGI. His stated reasons boil down to, essentially, that the Soka Gakkai and President Ikeda (especially) expressed opinions that were not his own, and refused to "confess and apologize"; he enacted a Nichiren Shoshu by-law making it wrong to "merely criticize" the high priest (for the full version of Nichiren Shoshu's recounting of events, see Dai Nichiren Special Edition — On the Soka Gakkai Problem 2, "The Circumstances Surrounding the Soka Gakkai Problem").

Mr. Abe seemed to be saying that he, by his nature, was beyond reproach and incapable of error, and the SGI's grave sin was in not acknowledging this. To refute this erroneous doctrine, a Gakkai member in Seattle named Hiroe Clow revealed that, in 1963, she had been called a police station to escort Mr. Abe away, after he had been detained following an argument with two prostitutes over payment for services.

Details of the proceedings will be examined as we confront other falsehoods on the SG-eye site. For now, suffice it to say Nikken denied it and called Mrs. Clow a liar. She sued him in an American court; this suit was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds before any  evidence was heard. But then, Nikken sued the Soka Gakkai in  Japan for publishing the charges, saying he would resign if the charges were true. In March 2000, the court found for the Soka Gakkai, stating in its opinion that the evidence was that the event did happen, and that Mrs. Clow and the Soka Gakkai publications were reporting the truth. It further stated that, because Nikken was a public figure — and especially because of his statement about resigning — the reports were in the public interest. Nichiren Shoshu is currently appealing this verdict. Meanwhile, it has undertaken a massive public relations campaign — for its own members, if for no one else. It has said that the judge was afraid of Gakkai political influence. It was hinted he was bribed. Nichiren Shoshu launched a campaign to undermine the evidence — including, as we shall later see, a convoluted attack on a Seattle police officer

And, including this report from Newsweek. It's about a Congressional investigation into the Reno Justice Department. It found that a law firm, hired by the Gakkai during preparation for the original American trial, had used influence to access the database of the National Crime Information Center, managed at the time by FBI agent Ben Brewer. The lawyers, and parties they hired or who were working for them, first found on the database that there had been an inquiry from Seattle in March 1963 about Mr. Abe; then, what was purported to be an arrest record. Later on, it seems, these files were purged.

The issue Congress was investigating was much larger than the minutiae of one particular case, and its interest in this case was solely that the Reno Justice Department allowed itself to bend the rules by allowing private parties access to the database at all. There is no indication, in Newsweek or in the Congressional report, that the Soka Gakkai did anything wrong or is itself under any cloud of suspicion.

SG-eye, of course, excerpted only part of the article. Among the other parts:

It also may raise questions about the revolving door between the Justice Department and a loose network of private investigators who often make their living touting their access and knowledge of internal department records. One of the officials the committee is investigating is Ben Brewer, the FBI official who supervised the NCIC at the time of the incident. Questioned today on the eve of the hearing, Brewer flatly denied to a staff investigator that he had authorized the release of any confidential NCIC data about Abe. But Brewer, who has since retired, also acknowledged that he is now in the private consultant business. Among his clients — whom he advises about the inner workings of NCIC — is the Japanese Buddhist faction headed by Abe. 
Imagine: the data was found on Mr. Abe and released to the Soka Gakkai's lawyers. Then the data disappeared. The person who managed the data now works for Nichiren Shoshu. And Nichiren Shoshu is saying the Gakkai lied when it reported such data had been found. And, for some reason, SG-eye chose to hide Mr. Brewer's current status from its readers.

10) "Disturbing Cultish Invective"
This material on the SG-eye sit is more words from President Ikeda condemning those "those who seek to destroy the forces of the Buddha, the forces of Soka" with "falsehoods, laughable lies which go on ad infinitum". He calls these methods "malevolent intrigues of a pack of the most reprehensible human beings".

Why SG-eye uses "cultish" to describe this is beyond me. It's the leader of an organization making no bones about condemning those who are actively, and without regard to ethics, trying to destroy that organization.

Meanwhile, one of the most active members employed by Nichiren Shoshu on the Internet regularly posts, on ARBN, items such as:

"You must march proudly! arm in arm down the path of glory! and joyfully suck up the vile dung from the SGI inc and re-spew it for everyone to enjoy!!!" 
—Craig Bratcher 2/8/98
"See how he shamelessly sucks up Ikeda's dung for the modern age" 
—Craig Bratcher 3/17/98
11) "Crackdown on Gakkai Dissident Group"

This section is just an unattributed quote.

We don't know who wrote this. But I do know that Nichiren Shoshu members regularly visit message boards meant for SGI members — which they join sometimes using false names — and lift one sentence or message from a discussion. This excerpt, now posted on SG-eye, is now devoid of its original context — which may be the rest of the message, or may be a discussion string of a number of messages; it may be a hypothetical, it may be a question, it may be someone struggling to find an understanding. None of that is known, once the temple members extract it, because they provide their own context for it — we have seen that they characterize "I'd like to see X become prime minister" as an "arrogant quest for political power." They do the same thing with messages that SGI members post to message boards.

Invasion of message groups, boards, or lists meant for a specific group, attempts to dominate or disrupt discussion in those groups, lifting quotes out of context and changing their meaning by inventing context — interesting behavior for a group that "respects SGI members' rights" and just wants to "keep an eye" on the SGI because the SGI is supposedly doing something to it. In fact, it appears that just the opposite is true.

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