Reaffirming Our Right to Happiness answers the following questions about the Gohonzon that SGI bestows on its members:

What is Behind the Decision to Confer?

Historical Perspective

Recent History

Rev. Narita’s Letter

Commonly Asked Questions

Allegation 1: Gohonzon issued by the SGI are counterfeit because they have not been authorized by the high priest. 

Allegation 2: The high priest is endowed with complete authority of the Gohonzon. 

Allegation 3: It must be understood that the profound doctrines relating to the Entity of the Law of the Gohonzon are definitely transmitted solely from one High Priest to the next, and that complete authority concerning the Gohonzon is possessed by only one Person -- the High Priest. 

Allegation 4: The Soka Gakkai has absolutely no qualification to confer the Gohonzon. 

Allegation 5: "Faith based on the Dai-Gohonzon" without pilgrimage to the Head Temple is an obvious contradiction. 

Allegation 6: Gakkai's counterfeits constitute slander towards Nichikan Shonin. 

Allegation 7: "Counterfeit Gohonzons": a repeat of the Gakkai's 1977 heresy of the reproduced wooden Gohonzon. 

Allegation 8: Worshipping counterfeits while preaching slander: the Gakkai is no different from the Nichiren Shu. 

Allegation 9: Gohonzon issued by the SGI are counterfeit because} they have not received the legitimate "Opening of the Eyes" ceremony. Authority over "Opening of the Eyes" of the Gohonzon rests with the High Priest. 

All material is from the booklet Reaffirming Our Right to Happiness, issued by SGI-USA, and used without permission.