Argentina ...
The story of a priest who angered all of Argentina with his intolerant remarks about Mother Teresa. The Nikken Sect was removed from Argentina as a result.And a news article from El Litoral, a daily Argentine newspaper with a circulation of 10,000. 

Brazil...  SGI-Brazil members gain legal control of the Temple!  The Reform Priests' website has the story. So does the Seikyo Shimbun.

Korea...  The Nikken Sect has been busy in Korea. 
Here is the story of the camouflaged temple. 
Read here about priests' attempt to smuggle currency. 
Finally, three priests were fined and deported visit here.

Taiwan ... A scene of terrible divisiveness.


Sri Lanka... The Nikken Sect was rejected by this Buddhist country. 

Ghana... Visit this site for a 13-part story about the painful struggle of Ghanaian SGI members to rid themselves of the influences of the priesthood. Later it turned out that the priesthood had illegally built its temple read the daily newspapers' accounts from Ghana.