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October 1, 2001, Emyo a magazine published by right wing NST lay members blames SGI for economic recession, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, you name it! Scanned copy of Emyo, translation of Emyo.

Nikken's Son Assaults SGI Visitors:A reform priest and a few SGI members visited a temple, attempting to make an appointment to meet with the priest. The priest was Nikken's son and he physically assaulted the visitors in front of a crowd of lay members. Pictures and a Japanese news article about the incident.

Legal Developments ...

The Nikken Sect Loses a Law Suit in Ghana: NST built a temple on someone else's property. Read the news reports from Ghana.

Geisha Photo Case: The latest verdicts from Japanese courts.

Mishandling Ashes.Results of a few of the over seventy court cases.

Seattle Trial:
The Nikken Sect has failed to prove its case the court finds Nikken Abe's testimony completely unreliable. The court's finding and Japanese newspaper accounts of the trial. 
Judy Clow's Affidavit:  What the Nikken Sect did to Mrs. Clow and her family.
People who have seceded from the Nikken Sect 
Hisako Hirasawa, the wife of the Hokkeko United Federation's first chairperson, the late Masukichi Hirasawa, wrote a letter to High Priest Nikken Abe on April 22, 2000, explaining her withdrawal from NST.

Priests explain why they left NST:

  • Bando Sato, chief priest of Daien-ji temple in Kanagawa, Japan
  • Yuren Fujita, the chief priest of Zencho-ji temple in Hiroshima, Japan
  • Yumu Yamane, chief priest of Renshu-ji Temple in Kagoshima, Japan
  • Ishida Endo, Overseas Bureau Manager
  • Shuho Rando, chief priest of Kenmyo-ji temple in Kyoto 
  • Gun'ei Kudo, the former chief priest of Myoho-ji temple in Los Angeles and current chief priest of Choei-ji temple in Tokyo
  • Yumo Matsuoka, student priest from Taisekiji 
  • What about the Kawabe Memo? 

    Jim Celer's analysis of the Kawabe Memo provides the definitive word on the significance of this convoluted story.