Gakkai Historical Photos   ––

Early photo of Josei Toda (left)
and his mentor Tsunesaburo 
Makiguchi (seated).
President Toda at a Soka Gakkai 
cultural event in 1957.
Second President Josei Toda
"If you are not serious about achieving kosen-rufu, just quit and get out!  We don't need any cowards here. Tomorrow, just attach a flyer describing the benefits of the Gohonzon to a hundred dogs, and let them loose in Tokyo! I'll take care of the rest of kosen-rufu myself!" 
––Josei Toda, quoted in the World Tribune, May 15, 1998, p. 9.

President Toda at his last meeting,
just weeks before he died. Here he 
tests one of the Brass Band's drums. 
Third President Ikeda is at left.

"Nothing is more barbarous than war. Nothing is more cruel. And yet, the war dragged on. Nothing is more pitiful than a nation being swept along by fools."

This drawing is from the first volume of the Human Revolution, 
Daisaku Ikeda's novellized version of the early days of the Soka Gakkai. 
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