In their own words ...  How NST and the SGI have grown apart see it from the perspective of NST publications see it from the perspective of the Gosho.

Nichiren Shoshu distortion of what the Third Treasure is.

The Nichiren Shoshu idea that one must be connected through the intervention of a priest. Nichiren Daishonin and SGI teach about direct connection to the Mystic Law.

What is the role of High Priest? Nichiren Shoshu now teaches that Nikken is greater than the Daishonin.

What is the Nichiren Shoshu attitude toward the laity?

Results of court cases involving priests mishandling the ashes of deceased believers. 

How do the teaching of the Gosho compare with the present-day teachings of the Nikken Sect?  Read this compare-and-contrast presentation.

Has Nikken really changed the doctrine of Nichiren Shoshu? Read about the new doctrines: High priest's absolute power, discrimination between lay members and priests, eye-opening ceremonies.

What Nikken really believes about the Dai-Gohonzon: Read about the Kawabe Memo.

Zen Cemetary Nikken conducted a family memorial service in a Zen Cemetary. 

Changing Doctrine Examples of what Nichiren Shoshu used to believe and what Nikken is now saying. Visit here and here for details.