Tabloid Stories...
What about those awful stories about President Ikeda that are circulated? 
Where do they come from?  Those articles were all disproven in a Japanese court, but NST members have republished them in English and on the Internet as part of their campaign against SGI. Go here for the full story.

Is the LDP responsible? Yes!  Here are articles from three mainstream Japanese publications reporting on the unprecendentated LDP apology.

About the Japanese media generally.

An educated perspective on the rumor campaign being carried on by NST. 

Internet Arguing ...
What about the behavior of NST members online? Read about the harassment.

Scurrilous Websites ...
For the Truth about NST on the Internet, visit Jim Celer's well-researched site particularly the material about the "SG-eye" website.  Here it is refuted, point by point.