A Mouse Story . . .  By Brittany (age 13) 

It is a well-known fact that when you have a pet, you have to feed it food. Some animals eat pellets while others eat other animals because that's all a part of life. One of the most common "feeder animals" (a feeder is an animal that's used for food) is mice, which is what this story is about. 

When Barbara, a women's division member, got a job at a local pet store, she loved all of her job except giving away the mice for food. Being smart, she quickly found a solution. 

Whenever anyone wanted to buy the mice, she would ask if they were for pets or feeders. If the person answered feeder, she would chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo three times to the mice so they could have a better life next time. 

A few months after Barbara got her job, my sister, Alicia, got a job there as a cashier. One day, someone brought some mice to the checkout counter to buy, and my sister commented on how cute the mice were. Then she asked if they were for pets or feeders. The person said, "Feeders, and don't be praying over them, because the last three I got that were prayed over got away!" 

So that ends the story of the true mouse benefit. 

[from Aug. 28, 2000, World Tribune, p. 11, col. 4]

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