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The Three Carts and the Burning House

The Parable of the Impoverished Son

Parable of the Medicinal Herbs

The Excellent Physician and His Sick Children

Parable of the Gem in the Robe

The Mandala

The Ten Worlds illustrations are also available to be printed out and colored
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Kids' Books Available from SGI-USA:
by Linda Iwamoto; illustrated by David Smee

A camping trip with Grandpa turns into a fun lesson about chanting, as Cody asks about Nam Myoho-renge-kyo.
World Tribune Press, Paperback, 32 pgs. 

Games and puzzles reprinted and updated from "Friends for Peace," the monthly newsletter by and for children inserted in the World Tribune. Includes four free crayons. 
Treasure Tower Books, Paperback, 48 pgs. 
by Daisaku Ikeda; illustrated by Christina Sun 

An magical tale of friendship, this is the story of a timid young boy living with his old uncle in the mountains of the North. Weatherhill, Hardcover, 54 pgs. 

Other Good Buddhist Kids' Books:
by M. LaVora Perry 
Taneesha stands up to a bully and then helps the girl discover her own kindness inside.

Available from Fortune Child Books

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Please contribute your own drawings, games, puzzles, suggestions for Buddhist kids. We WELCOME your input! Write us.

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