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Some official SGI sites: 
The SGI website is the site for the international organization:
SGI-USA website contains wonderful material if you know where to look:
The Washington DC Region website, full of activities and resources for the DC area:
SGI-USA Soka Spirit site, location of great material about Soka Spirit:
Other interesting sites: 
Those who are interested in Chinese characters should be sure to visit:
The translation of the Lotus Sutra by Burton Watson is available at the SGI-USA website: buddhism/library/Buddhism/LotusSutra/
The SGI-USA site also features the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin at gosho.htm. Essential!
And the Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism is at

Other SGI-related sites: 
The Illuminated Gosho is beautifully illustrated. It is at
Visit Romancing the Buddha at � this site is Mike Lisagor's story of embracing Buddhism in his everyday life.
Toni Dunlap explores My Faith at � in this section of her personal site she explains her practice and the Buddhist altar.
LaVora Perry of Fortune Child Books at is an author of wonderful children's books, some of which elucidate Buddhism and Buddhist practice.
Temple issue stuff (not for the fainthearted): 
For a different historical look at the situation with the Nichiren Shoshu temple, visit
Some reformist priests have a site at, where they expose some of the hypocrisy and doubledealing in Nichiren Shoshu today.
A site that debunks some of the false charges made by the temple against SGI is at