Four Bodhisattvas  —  Jyogyo
(Jyogyo corresponds to number 11 on the Gohonzon Diagram.)
Jyo of Jyogyo is composed of to main characters. On the left is the radical for water. It is a stream with whorls of water. On the right is a phonetic that is hands with a rake. It means purity. (The rake takes away impurities as water washes away filth.)
Gyo is one foot (the left) after the other (the right). It means continuous (daily) practice. It is the same gyo that is in Gongyo. 

Jyogyo is Pure Practices and has the power of water to wash away filth and reveal that which is real. Nichiren Daishonin wrote:

“A mind which presently is clouded by illusions originating from the innate darkness of life is like a tarnished mirror, but once it is polished it will become clear, reflecting the enlightenment of immutable truth. Arouse deep faith and polish your mirror night and day. How should you polish it? Only by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.”
from “On Attaining Buddhahood”
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