Dai Komoku-tenno(Sanskrit Virupaksha
(#33 on the Gohonzon Diagram)

Translated as "Great Heavenly King Wide-Eyed," Dai Komoku-tenno is one of the Four Heavenly Kings. He lives halfway down the western side of Mount Sumeru and protects the western continent. With his divine eyesight, he is said to discern good from evil, punish those who do evil deeds, and to arouse the aspiration for attaining Buddhahood. 

Everything in the world is constantly changing. Dai Komoku-tenno symbolizes being flexible and wise enough to deal with life. His special eyesight enables him to accurately perceive the nature of the world and thus make wise decisions.

Attendants are composed of the nagas and putanas. The nagas are the dragons or serpents who dwell beneath the ocean and who control the tides, the flow of the rivers, and the rain. They are one of the eight kinds of supernatural beings who are said to revere and protect the Dharma. The putanas are another type of hungry ghost who are associated with fevers and also with the protection of pregnant women.

Appearance: Dai Komoku-tenno has red skin; he is dignified and richly ornamented with precious gems. In his right hand, he holds a jewel, and in his left hand, a snake. His glare is deadly, for his penetrating eyes are also poisonous, so Dai Komoku-tenno stares unflinchingly at the jewel in his hand to avoid killing beings. 

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