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Denial or Awareness
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Vail Daily (Colorado) / Oct 14, 2004 / 
What we are reading / Staff report / 

Included in the newspaper's suggested reading list is "'Planetary Citizenship: Your Values, Beliefs and Actions Can Shape a Sustainable World,' by Daisaku Ikeda: Two world-renowned global activists explore the rise of grass-roots globalist/citizens all over the world who taking responsibility to build a more peaceful harmonious and sustainable future in this wide-ranging dialogue."

Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Washington) / Oct 15, 2004 /
An eclectic world of jazz offerings / Bill White /

"Jazz and poetry have always been a lively mix, from Lawrence Ferlinghetti's bookstore concerts to Charles Mingus' jazz workshops," reports the daily. "The Poetry for Peace project is a vital continuation of that tradition. Poet Ishmael Reed, described by Henry Gates Jr. as having 'no true predecessor or counterpart,' will read from his own work, as well as selections from Buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda, against the searing sounds of the Gary Bartz Quartet for what should be an incendiary blast against the empire."

Gulf News (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) / Oct 25, 2004 /
Children's art appeals for world peace / Staff Report / 

"The Dubai Humanitarian City is supporting 'World boys and girls art exhibition,' held by the Soka Gakkai International (Japan) in Dubai," reports the news service. "The exhibition is an appeal for global peace and friendship from those with the greatest stake in the future: the children of the world. The event is held in cities worldwide in cooperation with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization... 'We are happy to support the exhibition as it brings the message of global peace during Ramadan,' said Ahmad Bin Al Shaikh, managing partner of the [Dubai Shopping Centre, where the event was held]."

The Rising Nepal  (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Tuesday, November 9, 2004
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Current News: Dr Ikeda captures human mood in his photographs
By Ronesha Sharma

KATHMANDU, Nov. 8: “Dialogue with Nature” is the exhibition of photographs that portrays the link of nature, people and society viewed from Dr Daisaku Ikeda’s heart. The exhibition had its debut in Japan in 1982, and the first international showing of his 105 photographs was held in 1988 in Paris, France. Since then, it has toured 73 cities in 34 countries and touched the hearts of 7.6 million viewers. 

Now the exhibition is being held at the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) Peace Centre, Bafal, Kalanki, from November 6th to November 21st. The opening hour is 10 am to 5:30 pm. 

The inauguration ceremony of the exhibition was on November 6. It stated with a light-hearted welcome song by the members of the SGI, after which Vice Chancellor of the Royal Nepal Academy, Dr Basudev Tripathi gave a short introduction on Dr Daisaku Ikeda’s work and the exhibition. 

This was followed by a dance performances called “Manju Shree” by Deepak Bajracharya, a well-known dancer, and “Tamang Selo” by the members of SGI, taught by Deepak Bajracharya himself. Dr. Daisaku Ikeda is president of the SGI, a UN registered NGO. He has also made his mark as a poet laureate, Buddhist philosopher, author, and a peace proponent. Although he has not taken any professional training in photography, his photographs stir the hearts of the audience. He says this may be so because he uses his heart to photograph and not the viewfinder. 

His motto is to capture the “Decisive Moment”. Guided by the thought “Photography is the art of transmitting moments of life, its drama and vivid changes”, Dr Ikeda has taken these photos from his hotel, while in flight, and car during his travel to different parts of the world in effort to promote peace, art, culture, and education. 

The collection of photos include the work of nature and locations in places such as Canada, Italy, Japan, Egypt, Turkey, Bangkok, South Korea, Russia, China, India, Spain, Sweden, Hong Kong, Malaysia and South Korea. 

The photographs allow the viewers to see the beauty of nature and the captions describe Dr Ikeda’s perspective so perfectly that the combination of both becomes mesmerising. 

The photos and his poems encourage anyone to look into nature more deeply to understand its beauty and depth. Not only does it touch the hearts of the viewers but it also makes us realise that to see such beauty one has to view from the heart and not through the eyes only. 

(Ms. Sharma is an apprentice with The Rising Nepal)

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